I just received an email from one of the websites i subscribed to. The email is a list of available domain names. Two names caught my eyes and i checked their availability and it was there. I had to move away from my desk and when i was back after 2 min the domain names were already taken. You Snooze You Loose.

Both domains were registered at Fabulous with private registration. Wondering who got the better of me this time?


3 Comments to “You Snooze You Loose”

  1. Curvee says:

    Can you share the domain names and the name of the website so that young domainers can subscrible as well.

  2. Ritz says:

    that’s what we call..
    “lazy domaining” isn’t it?


  3. Kumaran says:


    You can subscribe to availabledomainnames.com. Bill publishes the list of quality available domain names, i guess twice a week.


    Probably 🙂

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