That is the question which lingers on my mind most often than not when i think about Lazy Domaining. Handful of topics flash on my mind when i ask this question and stay there for a few minutes. It mostly happens while i am not at my desk and that is the sad thing about it. I have thought umpteen number of times to make note of these topics when they flash but haven’t done so till now.

I want this post to serve as a reminder to me and all other fellow domainers to make a point. Make a note when ideas flash on your mind, not just for blogging but for everything. Its not that difficult a job but is going to help a lot.


One Comment to “What Should I Write?”

  1. Bruce Marler says:

    You are so right. It is amazing how many ideas will flash through my head and I think I really have to remember this and then cannot quite put my finger on it later.

    My blog post last night came to me and I literally pulled over, went into a Paneras and wrote it on the spot:)

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