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Domain: Registrar: Godaddy Created on: 12-Oct-05 Expires on: 12-Oct-10 – Premium Geo – 4+ years old – ws stands for western samoa and can be a branded as “website”, “web store”, “web shop” etc – Low price Bido Auction

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admin on November 22, 2009

Domain: (zero hyphen w dot com) is a type domain(N – Number, L – Letter) Registered with Enom. You will hardly see such domains for sale as there are only 260 type domains. Now at No Reserve Auction. The minimum wholesale price for type domains is $650 as per […]

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admin on October 24, 2009

Sales is nothing but presenting the domains to the right audience. Easier said than done. The most important part is the “Right Audience”. How do you go about finding the right audience. That is a bit tricky depending on the kind of audience you are targeting i.e End users or Resellers. This post is about […]

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I have the following 7 Domains and their Sites relating to the Freight Industry for Sale. It has been monetized using Adsense. Together they made over $32 in the month of September 2009. Revenue proof for September 2009 I bought these sites without any revenue proof for a cheap price one month back. So i […]

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admin on September 29, 2009

In the online world what you say is what you are. Here you don’t get to see all your peers, talk with them etc. What you really make out of them is with what they say. What prompted me to write this post is my Hotel Domains sale. There were multiple interests and most of […]

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admin on August 27, 2009

I have made by first domain name sale at Bido pending payment. Overall i am impressed with Bido. Few of the unique interesting features that stood out were 1. Auto Domain Name Owner Verification Bido asks you to add a randomly generated tag in the whois details of the flag. Once you do this, […]

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