Squeaky wheel gets the grease. People who ask are most probably the ones who are going to get it. Today i mailed a couple of experienced domain name bloggers about exchanging blogroll links.

I am not sure if this will end in a successful link exchange but the fact i approached for blogroll link is something which i feel good about. I usually don’t do this for one reason or the other. The foremost reason is the belief that if Lazy Domaining is a good blog then fellow bloggers will link back without asking for. Till now it has been that way. I get requests from fellow bloggers for link exchange which i happily accept.

Few days back i mailed a fellow blogger whose blog was in a much much better standing with a lot of doubts if i would even get a reply. The reason i mailed is not just for a blogroll link but this blogger inspires me a lot and wanted to check if Lazy Domaining has really matured as a Domain Name Blog. To my surprise the blogger was more than happy to link back to Lazy Domaining. From then I decided i should also do my part by going and reaching out to fellow domainers.

Domainers love fellow domainers and are happy to help whenever possible. My suggestion to fellow domainers is to go and reach out to other domainers if you are in need of something. Most of the times you will get a reply at the least.


7 Comments to “Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease”

  1. Shane says:

    I’d be interested in trading links (I have PR2) but I would love it if you would drop the google ads right in the middle of your articles. It’s completely OK to want to make money and sell ads but those ads detract from your sight. You’ll make more money without them.

  2. Alan says:

    Shane is right – we buy advertising across the board on many blogs and sites for a ton of properties. As soon as we see a site with adsense its an automatic NO.

    Adsense leads to less credibility with BOTH readers and advertisers in my opinion. Only exception is if you have adsense in a sidebar (away from the content body) and its below the fold with higher quality ads above.

  3. @Shane

    Thanks for the offer. Its not just about the earnings. There is more to it. I do a lot of small small experiments and the Adsense ads in the post is one among them. At present i would definitely prefer to have that freedom. I feel its good to do these experiments with domainers & webmasters as target audience since they are one of the top techie group. My belief is, if it works with this top notch group it will work with everyone.


    Yes, i experimented with the Adsense ads in the sidebar earlier. As said above these are part of the experiment. It is definitely a limited time experiment.

    Imho the driving factor to advertise on a blog should be the content & the following a blog has. But yep i understand what you are saying.

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