Staff on March 18th, 2010 one of the top domain name forum has been down for a few hours i guess. It was down for the past 10hrs or so and i keep checking every now and then.

Frustration because Namepros is down and more frustration because i couldn’t find any info on why it is down.

1. First thing i did was to check out the twitter. I went straight to to see if NP has twitted something. To my surprise i found that page is suspended due to illegal activity. So may be the username doesn’t belong to NP and hence the suspension.

2. Second thing i did was search Google to see if someone has posted some info. This is where more frustration came. Well i accept i was too lazy to go beyond the first few search results. But still i was frustrated i couldn’t find anything on the top search results on the current status of Namepros.

3. Third i went back to twitter and searched for Namepros. Glad i found some info on mellowmasher’s tweet at Thanks mellow for the tweet.

I haven’t really embraced twitter yet. But out of the top three things i did to find information on NP status twice i went to twitter. I guess its high time i start tweeting.

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Registrar: Godaddy
Created on: 12-Oct-05
Expires on: 12-Oct-10

– Premium Geo
– 4+ years old
– ws stands for western samoa and can be a branded as “website”, “web store”, “web shop” etc
– Low price

Bido Auction


Staff on February 12th, 2010

I usually do plan my renewals. Every month i check the domains that expire in the next 3 months and plan for their renewals. I check the renewal fees with the current registrar and decide if i need to transfer the domain elsewhere to save some bucks. Don’t be surprised some Registrars charge ridiculously high renewal prices.

I failed to do this last Dec. & Jan. A .org domain is up for renewal in the next 1 month. When i checked the renewal cost it is $35. Thats really pricey imho. It would have cost $7+ if i had moved it to another registrar. Never mind i am trying to move this now and lets see if the current registrar will allow me. If i am not wrong, if the domain is within 1 month of its expiry date registrars won’t allow the domain to move out. I simply want to try my luck.

Most registrars will send out the renewal notice only when the domains are within 1 month of its expiry date. Not sure if this is done so that the domains won’t be moved out and will be renewed at whatever ridiculous prices they charge. I feel cheated when this happens. But then this the reason why you have to plan your renewals in a timely manner.


I have been reading some blog & forum posts – Everything had “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” written all over them. I felt this is one thing we forget in all the excitement and fun coming from domaining.

1. Blog post from Jamie. Definitely the people who are affected for no reason of theirs are going to feel the pinch and frustration. But when Bido or anyone is going to block a whole country then the problem has to be serious and hence the tough decision.

2. Forum sale from RJ at Namepros. I was checking the “side note to developers” just above the domain listings. “I lost more than 50 sites in one day because of nonexistent backups.” – This caught my attention.

What i saw from these is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. We will have to spread the risks. Some do domaining for hobby and some for earning. No matter how you do it i feel when you put your money & time into something its wise to spread the risks.

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