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Dear LD Readers,

LD is four months old now. Thanks to all LD Readers.

During the fourth month, LD had around 4,100 visits from 2,100 unique visitors. It is a 30% growth compared with the third month.

LD also got listed in the during this month.


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I have the following 7 Domains and their Sites relating to the Freight Industry for Sale. It has been monetized using Adsense. Together they made over $32 in the month of September 2009.

Revenue proof for September 2009

I bought these sites without any revenue proof for a cheap price one month back. So i don’t have any other proof. No advertising or any other Ad programs were run by me.

Domain – Registrar – Expires

FreightBrokerJob dot com – DomainSite – 10-Feb-2010
SalesIndustry dot net – DomainSite – 23-Aug-2010
AFreightBroker dot com –  Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010
BrokerFreight dot net –  Godaddy  – 22-Jun-2010
BrokerFromHome dot net – Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010
StartAFreightBrokerage dot com – Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010
TransportationJob dot net –  Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010

Considering Bulk offers for the Domains and their Sites.

Please contact me for Adsense revenue proof screenshot and your offers.

Taking offers in the $XXX range

Payment by Paypal Masspay or Sedo Escrow.


admin on September 30, 2009

The single character .biz domains auctioned at Sedo have been sold for the following prices. Most of the auctions are still running and i will update their prices later. – $66,001 – $8,855 – $8,988 – $10,099 – $7,601


admin on September 29, 2009

In the online world what you say is what you are. Here you don’t get to see all your peers, talk with them etc. What you really make out of them is with what they say.

What prompted me to write this post is my Hotel Domains sale. There were multiple interests and most of the potential buyers were not very familiar with the my expected mode of payment i.e Paypal Masspay. If you are not familiar with Paypal Masspay i suggest you to check out Jamie’s post at

Once the potential buyers were not meeting my criteria of Paypal Masspay payment which was choosen for security reasons, how do i go about next. The obvious method to choose from security point of view is which buyer is a genuine one or in other words is any buyer i choose to deal with is a possible scammer. I choosed one buyer and the deal was closed in a smooth and swift manner.

Later i found out that other interested buyers were also genuine ones because they were either members at domain name forums or owned websites which were running for long time. I felt sorry for the other interested buyers. Any interested buyer who could have said more about themselves and explained they were genuine would have secured the deal.

Whenever you are a member at a domain name forum say that you are, if you own a blog or website say that you own them or anything which would prove you are a genuine domainer. All these things help to the person whom you are dealing with to make decisions.

After all, in the online world what you say is what you are.


admin on September 28, 2009

Here is a list of the latest working Godaddy coupon codes. Most of it expire on 4th October 2009.

gdr951a – 10% OFF on $50 or more
gdr951b – 15% OFF on $75 or more
gdr951b – 20% OFF on $100 or more

gdr939g – SAVE 20% on two or more .COM, .ORG or .BIZ domains (any combination) – Expires 28th Sep 2009.


Here are 5 Domains in the Hotel Niche for sale. All 5 Domains are .com domains and have very good number of “exact” searches in Google each month. They also have good CPC.

All 5 Domains are registered with Moniker till 22-Aug-2010 and can be pushed to another account at Moniker.

No. of Searches in Google in August – 6,600
CPC – $3.44

No. of Searches in Google in August – 6,600
CPC – $2.14

No. of Searches in Google in August – 4,400
CPC – $4.51

No. of Searches in Google in August – 5,400
CPC – $2.97

No. of Searches in Google in August – 6,600
CPC – $3.17

Bulk Price: Sold. There were multiple interests and thanks to all.

Payment: Paypal Masspay only

It is a bulk deal.

Please contact me or post in the comments section if you want to purchase the domains. First come first serve.

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admin on September 23, 2009

No matter how many times this topic is brought to attention, its sad to see some newbies falling prey for this kind of Domain Name Appraisal Scam.

Received the below email and thought of sharing with everyone.

Dear sir,
dear madam,

we have an interest to purchase your domain XXXX and offer between 50% and 65% of the appraised value.
We accept appraisals from companies such as

If you already have an appraisal please forward it to us.

Please let us know whether you are interested. Upon review of your valuation and in case of an agreement we send payments via PayPal for amounts less than $2,000 and via for amounts above $2,000, as well as further instructions on how to complete the transfer of the domain name.

We appreciate your business,

Domain Trade LLC


admin on September 19, 2009

Some of the latest working Godaddy Coupon Codes are as follows.

gdr932an – 20% OFF on $65 or more – Expires 21st Sep 2009
fbgdhome20 – 20% OFF on $75 or more – Expires 1st Oct 2009

gdbb776 – $7.68 for .org – Renewal


admin on September 18, 2009

I noticed something odd with Sedo’s Commission fees for a Domain Name sale at Sedo.

I parked a domain recently with Sedo. Surprisingly got an offer of $120 which i countered. The prospective buyer made a second offer of $450 after a couple of days.

Sedo’s fees is “$50 or 10% Sale Price whichever is greater” as i parked this .com domain only recently. Sedo also says “No minimum fee if the domain is parked with Sedo; only the flat 10% rate applies”.

For the first and the second offers the Sedo fees listed in my Sedo account was as follows.

For the offer $120$50 is the Sedo fees
For the offer $450 – 10% of Sale Price i.e $45 is the Sedo fees

I found it a bit odd. After a bit of thinking i came to the following conclusion.

When the first offer of $120 was made the domain was in the “$50 or 10% of Sale Price” slab. Hence they calculated the commission fees as $50.

After two days when the second offer of $450 was made the domain moved into the “No minimum fee. Only 10% flat fee” and hence the commission fees of $45.


admin on September 18, 2009

Sedo has been selling some cool short domains recently. NN.coms are rare beauties and Sedo has just pulled one more Sale. Sold For $68,000.

SedoSale 17Sep2009

Going by the past sales figures for NN.coms, this sale looks like a good deal for the buyer. Buyer is from China. May be 34 is a Chinese Premium.

Some of the sales in 2009 are as follows. Source Namebio. – $87,000 – Sedo – $75,000 – Sedo – $74,480 – Sedo – $72,900 – Sedo – $81,000 – Private Sale

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