admin on November 2, 2009

Whenever you use to sell your domains there is a fees you will have to pay. The Sedo fees for domains(.com, .net, .org etc) parked with them are $50 or 10% of the Sale Price whichever is higher meaning the minimum Sedo fees is $50.

Recently Sedo announced there won’t be any minimum fees if you list your domains for a fixed price.

I usually use Sedo for its escrow service. Lets say i agree with the buyer to sell my domain for $350. If i don’t put a fixed price of $350 at Sedo for this domain and ask the buyer to make an offer of $350 which i can accept and proceed with the deal, then Sedo will charge a minimum of $50 as fees. If i can put a fixed price of $350 which the buyer accepts to buy at $350 price then Sedo will charge only 10% of $350 i.e $35 as fees.

A little info which will save a bit when the price of the domain is less than $500. Nothing great but it feels good when you can take advantage of such tips.


admin on November 1, 2009

Looks like Google has updated the Page Rank or in other words the Google PR. I was waiting for this latest update for over a month.

Lazy Domaining has jumped from PR1 to PR2 which is very much encouraging.

Here are some of the other Domain Name blogs & websites(in no particular order) whose PR you might be interested in. – PR4 – PR6
ElliotsBlog – PR4 – PR3 – PR3 – PR5 – PR4 – PR3 – PR4 – PR4

Some of my minisites which i recently purchased are showing PR3-PR2. I would like to state that a PR drop won’t discourage me as i don’t entirely base my valuation of a blog or website on PR. It is just another factor to consider.

I used PR Checker to find this info.


admin on October 30, 2009

There are tons and tons of Domain names auctioned everyday. When you want your Domain name to be auctioned, it is highly important to make sure your Domain name auction stands out of the rest. This will ensure it gets maximum coverage and hence the maximum price.

I have already touched this in my previous post. I feel this is very important aspect of any Domain name auction or any Domain name sale. Advertise as much as possible to make sure it gets the maximum coverage.

One such very important resource to advertise or get the word across is Domain name blogs such as Lazy Domaining or any such blogs. Domain Name Blogs are very powerful and reaches a highly targeted audience i.e Domainers & Webmasters. Next time you plan to send your Domain name for auction, make sure you get the message across the board by making use of Domain Name Blogs.


admin on October 30, 2009

Here are some of the latest Godaddy Coupon Codes that you will love. You can make use of these codes to register or transfer .com, .net, .org, .mobi, .biz, .us, .ca or .in domain for as low as $1.99.

GEO199 – .com, .us, .mobi, .biz, .net, .org, .ca, and .in domain – Register or Transfer

TWEET1 – .com for $4.99

gdr114bn – 30% OFF on .com + FREE Private Registration

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admin on October 26, 2009

I just received an email from one of the websites i subscribed to. The email is a list of available domain names. Two names caught my eyes and i checked their availability and it was there. I had to move away from my desk and when i was back after 2 min the domain names were already taken. You Snooze You Loose.

Both domains were registered at Fabulous with private registration. Wondering who got the better of me this time?


admin on October 24, 2009

Sales is nothing but presenting the domains to the right audience. Easier said than done.

The most important part is the “Right Audience”. How do you go about finding the right audience. That is a bit tricky depending on the kind of audience you are targeting i.e End users or Resellers.

This post is about going after mainly Resellers. From Reseller selling point of view it is better to show your domains to a big group of resellers at a time than going after one at a time unlike End users.

Other than the Domain Market places such as Sedo, Snapnames, Godaddy Auctions etc, one of the most important place to advertise your domains is Domain Name Blogs such as You can easily advertise your domains using Paid Post(which i feel is most effective), Link to your Domain Sale Page, Banners etc.

The point is the Domain Name Blogs reach a wide range of Domainers and it is definitely worth a try if you are targeting mainly the Reseller market not to say End Users won’t reach you through blogs such as


admin on October 15, 2009

That is the question which lingers on my mind most often than not when i think about Lazy Domaining. Handful of topics flash on my mind when i ask this question and stay there for a few minutes. It mostly happens while i am not at my desk and that is the sad thing about it. I have thought umpteen number of times to make note of these topics when they flash but haven’t done so till now.

I want this post to serve as a reminder to me and all other fellow domainers to make a point. Make a note when ideas flash on your mind, not just for blogging but for everything. Its not that difficult a job but is going to help a lot.


admin on October 9, 2009

Some of the Namecheap latest coupon codes for the month october 2009 are as follows.

GETNCVPS – Save 10% on all VPS packages

HOSTING4U – Save 10% on shared hosting plans

GETMECHEAPER – Save 88 cents on most domain TLD extensions

Get a .com Domain for Just $2.99 When You Purchase an SSL


admin on October 7, 2009

Coupon Chief is your one stop place to find any kind of coupon codes for online shopping. Thats how i would sum it up.

Coupon Codes are an integral part of any online purchase these days. Many if not all online stores promote using one or other kind of coupon codes to attract the customers. Coupon Chief’s video tutorial gives us a good view of how it all works.

Recently i have been a regular visitor of Coupon Chief. My favorite stores of Coupon Chief are Godaddy Coupons and Ebay Coupons among the many stores you can find on Coupon Chief.

Some of the interesting features of Coupon Chief are as follows.

1. Social Phenomenon
Any Coupon Code can be submitted, voted, commented etc. This kind of social information helps us to know which coupon code works, what was the last working date, success percentage etc. This is real valuable information. Good to see more and more sites embracing the social phenomenon.

2. Pays-2-Share
Coupon Chief pays registered users who share the coupon codes. Every time someone uses the coupon code which you shared, Coupon Chief pays 2% of the sales. The icing is they pay using Paypal as well.

Coupn Chief Pays2Share

3. Email Alerts
You can set email alerts for coupon codes of your favorite retails at Coupon Chief.

Next time you are about to make an online purchase like Godaddy purchase, Web Hosting, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift, Ebay shopping, Hotel Reservation or just any other Shopping, make sure you check out here to see if you can get some coupon codes.

Saving whenever and whatever possible is definitely going to help. Remember little drops make an ocean.

Think Coupon Codes, Think Coupon Chief.


admin on October 5, 2009

Some of the latest working Godaddy Coupon Codes are as follows.

goaz2001ai – $7.17 for .com – New Registration, Renewal, Transfer

tvspecial – $7.47 for .com – Renewal

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cjcdeal103 – 20% OFF on Shared Web Hosting