admin on November 29, 2009

Following are some of the Godaddy Coupon Codes. Make use of them and save some bucks.

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admin on November 22, 2009

Domain: (zero hyphen w dot com) is a type domain(N – Number, L – Letter)

Registered with Enom.

You will hardly see such domains for sale as there are only 260 type domains.

Now at No Reserve Auction.

The minimum wholesale price for type domains is $650 as per


admin on November 20, 2009

I am one of the Lazy Domainer and I guess there are more out there. Now you know why i chose Lazy Domaining as the domain name. Following are few things which i do regularly as a lazy domainer. Some work some don’t.

1. Proxy Bidding
Whenever some name catches my attention and when i feel i can get it within my budget i make use of the proxy bidding. I would say 80% of the times i would loose the auction by a marginally higher bid. I can’t say for sure i would have won if i had been online around the auction ending time but just that i could have tried. Most of these auctions end at my local midnight and i would be lazy to stay awake. From my experience proxy bidding never did any wonders for me.

2. Available Domain Name List
I have subscribed to a few available domain name lists by email. Mostly i would see the mail only few minutes after i have received it. I would use a bulk appraisal tool and figure out the high valued domains. As expected the top domains would have gone. This is more due to sheer luck than me being lazy. Using a bulk appraisal tool when you have a huge list of domains is a quick and rough method to spot the top domains. Once i have caught a handful of domains using this method and i was able to make a 400% ROI within a month.

I will write more on this some time later…


admin on November 19, 2009

This post is a follow up to my earlier post “Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease”. I wrote about how we need to go and reach out to other domainers if we are in need of something. It worked.

I mailed to two fellow domainers and both of them have responded. Whats more exciting is both of them have exchanged the blogroll links with Lazy Domaining and as a matter of fact both these blogs have a higher PR & better alexa ranking compared to Lazy Domaining. This definitely proves “Domainers love fellow domainers” and are most of the times willing to help other fellow domainers even if it takes that extra mile. Please note i choosed these two blogs not because they have a higher standing but because i love both these blogs and i am a regular to these blogs.

I wanted to write this follow up post before i forget. Good i have done it and hope LD readers find it useful.


admin on November 17, 2009

Squeaky wheel gets the grease. People who ask are most probably the ones who are going to get it. Today i mailed a couple of experienced domain name bloggers about exchanging blogroll links.

I am not sure if this will end in a successful link exchange but the fact i approached for blogroll link is something which i feel good about. I usually don’t do this for one reason or the other. The foremost reason is the belief that if Lazy Domaining is a good blog then fellow bloggers will link back without asking for. Till now it has been that way. I get requests from fellow bloggers for link exchange which i happily accept.

Few days back i mailed a fellow blogger whose blog was in a much much better standing with a lot of doubts if i would even get a reply. The reason i mailed is not just for a blogroll link but this blogger inspires me a lot and wanted to check if Lazy Domaining has really matured as a Domain Name Blog. To my surprise the blogger was more than happy to link back to Lazy Domaining. From then I decided i should also do my part by going and reaching out to fellow domainers.

Domainers love fellow domainers and are happy to help whenever possible. My suggestion to fellow domainers is to go and reach out to other domainers if you are in need of something. Most of the times you will get a reply at the least.


admin on November 15, 2009

One November 1st, 2009 i was reading a blog post by Sahar on That was really an interesting post and hence i said so by commenting on the blog post.

Today i was checking the number of backlinks to Lazy Domaining and was surprised to see it jump by around 500 when i checked last a few days back. Thats quite an increase and hence did some digging on yahoo’s site explorer. Usually i don’t reach out to other bloggers proactively which i need to in near future. So that increase did surprise me.

The increase was because of the comment i made on blog post from Check it out here.

On the home page of you can see the “Recent comments” widget which does the trick. Since this widget is on every single page of the website so do the back link for the blog comment. You can also see the similar widget “Recent Comments” on the middle of the right sidebar on Lazy Domaining as well. Btw Lazy Domaining doesn’t moderate comments and hence as far as the comments are not extremely spammy, Lazy Domaining can live with it.

This might not give you permanent links as i guess once this blog comment gets pushed down by other recent comments, the back links might dry up.

Why i wanted to make a noise about this is not to encourage everyone to flood the blogs with spammy comments but to highlight the power of a blog.

As a side note i want to point out that LD has added a Polls section on the top of the middle sidebar. Feel free to “Your Say”.


admin on November 13, 2009

Here are some of the latest working Godaddy Coupon Codes that might help you to save some bucks, followed by the special prices offered at Moniker to register, renew or transfer domain names.

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cjcdeal116 – $10 OFF on $50 or more

gdr1113h – 30% OFF on .net, .biz – Register & Renewal

Moniker is running special discounted prices as “End of The Year Specials”. No coupon codes and the discounted prices are applicable to everyone.

$7.49 – .com domains – Register & Transfer
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$7.75 – .com domains – Renewal
$6.05 – .net domains – Renewal

Check it out in the Moniker Homepage.

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admin on November 12, 2009

I was watching the auction of at You don’t get to see many NN.coms in auctions. The final winning price is $89,000. Not bad and infact it has done reasonably well.

Check out the bidding history here.

Some of the auctions in the recent past are as follows. – $68,000 – Sedo – 16-Sep-2009 – $75,000 – Sedo – 25-Jul-2009 – $87,000 – Sedo – 25-Jul-2009 – $74,480 – Sedo – 07-May-2009


admin on November 11, 2009

Here is my story for the day and it isn’t really pleasant. I am having a tough time to make a paypal payment because paypal won’t accept the credit card. It hurts when we get stuck with making a paypal payment.

Paypal says the credit card company denied the payment(thats the error i get) but i doubt so for the following reasons. The same credit card is able to fund my MoneyBookers account. The same credit card is able to fund my Moniker account. I just tried the above two as soon as Paypal payment didn’t go through.

The reason can be that the credit card company’s paypal gateway is experiencing some problem at the moment. It may work later. It might not even be fair to get pissed with Paypal.

But then you don’t have many choices. In this case the Seller also accepts MoneyBookers payment so i might get away this time. End of the day i am always wary about Paypal and am never 100% sure until the paypal payment is successful.

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admin on November 3, 2009

For those interested I have at Bido Auction on 4th November 2009 i.e tomorrow. This domain has good exact matches on Google adwords. Since everyone is going to digital boxes these days the domain is a good catch imho.

To bid on please use the below link

Please note it is a no reserve auction meaning the highest bidder takes the domain.