Staff on June 15th, 2009

The following are some of the Godaddy coupon code. Make use of them to save some bucks.

goaz2001ai – $7.19 for .com – New Registration, Transfer or Renewal

60NCSCOM – $7.19 for .com – New Registration

gdr0607k – 30% off on any .com, .net, .org, .biz – New Registration or Renewal

DNF2 – $7.59 for .com – Renewal

Special Godaddy price for .us domains and no coupon code is required for these prices

$4.99 – For .us New Registration
$2.99 – For .us Bulk Registration

Normally Bulk Registration at Godaddy applies if you buy 5 or more domains. In this case it looks like 6 or more domains. You will have to check it yourselves as i haven’t tried this offer yet. This bulk registration price is automatically set when you add the domains in your cart.

Staff on June 14th, 2009

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress based blog or website is pretty easy with the help of this WordPress Pluggin

The following steps will guide you through the process

1. Create a Google Analytics account
Create an account with google for using Google Analytics which is pretty straight forward.

2. Add the website
Inside your google analytics account, add a new profile for one of your website which you are interested in. Now you will end up with a stage where google gives a chunk of code which it asks you to embed in each of your webpage’s code. Don’t worry about it as we have a wordpress plugin which takes care of this. Just note down the google analytics id which will be something like UA-XXXXXXX-X from the code.

3. Install the Google Analytics plugin
Now download the WordPress Pluggin and upload to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

4. Activate the Google Analytics plugin
Login to the admin area(wordpress) of your website and check the list of plugins where you can see the new google analytics plugin which you just uploaded. Activate the plugin and you can see the “Settings” option under this plugin name. Go to settings option and the first setting is “Analytics Account ID” where you will have to enter the google analytics id which you have noted down at the end of step 2. Click “Update Settings” and you are done adding google analytics to your wordpress blog or website.

5. Make sure everything is fine
Just to cross check, go to your google analytics account and check for the “Status” column of this website where you should see the “Status” as “Tracking Installed”.

The above steps are for wordpress 2.8. It should be pretty much the same for other versions as well.

Staff on June 13th, 2009

What is Private Domain Registration?

A Private Domain Registration is a service provided for a fee(or free) by most of the domain registrars. Anyone can view the details of a domain’s owner as it is required for registrars to maintain those details according to ICANN rules. One place to view such details is When private domain registration is used, the details like name, address, phone, email etc of the domain’s owner are hidden from public access. Rather than showing the domain’s owner details, the registrar will provide their own contact details for which the registrars may charge a fee. Godaddy provides free private domain registration.

Is Private Domain Registration required?

It really depends on individual basis. The advantage of going for it is that, since your details are hidden, you can avoid spams, unwanted mails, scammers etc.

Can i use Private Domain Registration for all kinds of domains?

It is applicable to the major tlds like .com, .net, .org etc. For some cctlds like .us, .ca, in etc, private domain registration cannot be used as they normally require the owner to satisfy some criteria to own such domains, for which ICANN wants the owner details to be publicly available.

Staff on June 11th, 2009

Assuming you are going to take only one of the two domains, consider the following factors.

1. Availability
Is .com available for registration. If not then what is it going to cost you for acquiring .com. It won’t make business sense to acquire a .com version of the name if it costs, say more than your total project estimation.

2. Target audience
If you are targetting a particular country, then what is more popular in that particular country, .com or .net. If .net is what is popular, then its better to go with .net. I would also consider the cctld( for uk, .us for us etc) before making a decision.

3. Readability
Some cool hacks are possible with .net domains. Eg: FindJobsOn.Net makes more sense than FindJobsOn.Com. Again this applies to each specific case as such.

4. Source of traffic
What source of traffic are you targetting? Type-ins, Search engines, Backlinks etc. If your major traffic source is type-in, better to get .com as people(especially in US) tend to type-in the .com name. If your major traffic source is from Search engines or Backlinks, depending on other factors you can choose either .com or .net.

Having said all, i want to look into some of my fellow domainers views

a. Majority of the traffic will go for .com if .net is developed site
Well this again depends on source of traffic. In most of the cases, “majority” of the traffic is not going to leak but only some part of the traffic. This is not that big a factor, if you are targeting traffic from Search engines and Backlinks.

b. If my .net becomes a hit, i will have to shell lot of money to get hold of .com
First of all, there is no need for you to go for .com name if your .net is already an established site. More people are getting smarter these days and making use of search engines to find the site compared with pure type-ins. Also if you are a die hard domainer who wants the .com version as well, you can think the other way. Lets say your .net has become a hit and if your name is a TM, then you have a better chance of getting hold of .com provided your TM is violated. Also in this case, .com owner can only dream of getting the big money from you as an enduser. So you might be in a good position to get the .com with the luxury of playing the wait game. Not many people would be willing to buy the .com which has a TM.

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