Staff on June 24th, 2009

If your website is ranked say within the top 1000 results on google for a particular keyword, you can do the following to find the position of the website.

1. Change the “Results per page” to “100″ in Advanced search.

2. Now key-in the keyword to Google and hit the “Search” button.

3. Find the website name using the browser’s find tool. For eg: in Firefox you can use Ctrl+F and key-in the website name. If you don’t find it on the first page, then move to the next pages till you find it.

4. Once you find the website, move the mouse over the word “Cached”.

5. Check the message on the status bar. In the message the number next to “keyword&cd=” is the position of the website on Google for that particular keyword.

Ranking of

For eg: The position of on Google for the keyword “lazydomaining” is 4 which is boxed in pink in the above picture.

Godaddy is offering one new .com registration for $2.19(including ICANN fees). I have just registered a new .com for $2.19, but i have a hunch it will work for .net or .org as well though i am not sure about it. You should satisfy the following conditions to avail this offer.

- You can only pay using Credit card or Check.
- Only one new registration for one account.

I didn’t use any Coupon code to avail this offer. I guess Godaddy automatically gives this offer for everyone. If it doesn’t work then try the following Coupon code “199BUYCOM”.

Staff on June 22nd, 2009

The main difference newbies should know about SedoPro and Sedo is that, SedoPro gives a higher pay($) for each click compared with Sedo.

Newbies are often caught on the wrong foot on this. They buy traffic domains based on traffic screenshot from SedoPro and expect the same revenue with Sedo. Worst case they won’t know there is something called SedoPro or fail to spot that the screenshot is of SedoPro. Whenever you are buying traffic domains based on screenshots make sure you clearly find, if it is from SedoPro or Sedo. If you are not sure, simply ask the seller. Most reputed sellers will mention this fact.

There are other differences, but this one is the most important as everything finally boils down to the revenue factor.

Staff on June 20th, 2009

No amount of traffic is good unless it is targeted traffic. Traffic or in other words visitors, coming to your website should be targeted. If they are looking for soccer information and if your website is about racing bikes, then that traffic is not called as targeted traffic. Traffic building isn’t that important as Targeted traffic building.

Hundreds of targeted visitors are much better than a Million random visitors.

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