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admin on July 9, 2010

Firefox crashed whenever i was trying to log into Paypal or try to open my Yahoo Mail. Also Firefox would suddenly crash when visiting random websites. Not sure what was going wrong.  It even prompted me to use Internet Explorer for a while.

Today i decided i need to sort this problem once for all. First i made sure Firefox is up to date. Second i went and disabled all the addons i installed in Firefox. I restarted Firefox and the crash went away. The point is one of the addon installed had caused the problem. I haven’t tried to figure out which addon caused the problem since i was anyway not using any of the addons.

Next time your Firefox crashes it could very well be due to the addons. You can easily figure out which addon causes the crash by disabling one by one and checking for the crash. Hope this information helps you to avoid a little frustration.


admin on July 3, 2010

I have been waiting for the Second Google Page Rank update for the year 2010. My guess was it will happen in the first week of July 2010. Till now i don’t see a change in the PR of my sites. For instance Lazy Domaining is still PR3 which was last updated during the April 2010 Google PR update. Not that i am crazy about Google PR but just out of curiosity i have been checking the PR for my sites.

Though some blogs are reporting an update i am yet to experience it first hand. Anyone has seen a change in the Google PR for your sites?

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Just used it to register a .org domain and it works like a charm.

Hope it helps to save a few bucks.

Edit: Looks like this code has exceeded the limit. I guess it isn’t working anymore.


By default WordPress blog comment links are using the “no follow” attribute meaning the comment links won’t get any PR juice. Using a dofollow plugin you can suppress this “no follow” attribute and make it into a “do follow” blog.

WordPress is an easy to use CMS especially for the non techies. You can almost find a plugin for all your work.

The steps involved in making your blog comment links into “do follow” links using a WordPress plugin are as follows.

1. Install a do follow plugin such as Semilogic dofollow plugin. I have already written a post on how to install a wordpress plugin which will be useful if you want to know how to install the dofollow plugin.

2. Activate the dofollow plugin and you are done.

3. Now all your blog comment links will turn “do follow” i.e the search engines will follow those links and give them some link juice.

Alternatively you can also edit the comment template php code. By removing the “no follow” attribute you can get the same effect such as using a dofollow plugin. But then you will have to do it everytime you update the wordpress version.  Dofollow plugin makes life easy from that perspective.

Lazy Domaining is a now a “do follow” blog. Anyone who makes or/and have already made quality comments will be rewarded with some link juice. Hope it helps.


I am sure most of you know that Verisign the registry for .com and .net domains will increase the registration and renewal prices with effect from 1st July 2010. This price increase is approved by Icann. .com increases by $0.48 & .net increases by $0.42.

I just thought i should remind everyone so that you can plan your renewals and registrations to save a few bucks. I also expect some if not all registrars to add their own price increase along with the verisign’s price increase on the wholesale value of .com and .net domains. So hurry up if you have a handful to renew or register.

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admin on April 3, 2010

Google has made a Page Rank(PR) update this month April 2010. For those interested in Google PR check your sites to see how they fare.

I use for checking the Google PR.

Lazy Domaining has moved from PR2 to PR3.

During the last Google PR update during January 2010, though it momentarily showed PR3 then settled to PR2. Hope that is not the case this time.

From my experience i feel Google doesn’t take sites launched under 1 month for PR calculation as i see none of my sites launched within a month have gained any PR. On a similar note one of my site(god dot co dot in) launched in the end of February 2010 has gained PR2 which is very encouraging.

Tags: one of the top domain name forum has been down for a few hours i guess. It was down for the past 10hrs or so and i keep checking every now and then.

Frustration because Namepros is down and more frustration because i couldn’t find any info on why it is down.

1. First thing i did was to check out the twitter. I went straight to to see if NP has twitted something. To my surprise i found that page is suspended due to illegal activity. So may be the username doesn’t belong to NP and hence the suspension.

2. Second thing i did was search Google to see if someone has posted some info. This is where more frustration came. Well i accept i was too lazy to go beyond the first few search results. But still i was frustrated i couldn’t find anything on the top search results on the current status of Namepros.

3. Third i went back to twitter and searched for Namepros. Glad i found some info on mellowmasher’s tweet at Thanks mellow for the tweet.

I haven’t really embraced twitter yet. But out of the top three things i did to find information on NP status twice i went to twitter. I guess its high time i start tweeting.

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Registrar: Godaddy
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