Staff on July 7th, 2009

There are lots of dumb moments in everyday life and domaining is no exception. One of the “Dumbest Moment” in a Domainer’s life is making a typo error while registering a domain. Its not just about losing some bucks, it really makes one feel dumb, the dumbest i would say.

I suddenly find a great name available. Lots of hearts flying around. I feel why on earth no one registered this name or think may be the domain just got dropped and that i am lucky to be at the right place in the right time. I register the domain and live in paradise for a while before realising the typo error. Ouch that hurts like anything.

What you can do to avoid such errors?

1. Make sure you read the domain you typed carefully. I know thats hard for many of us.

2. If you are lazy to do the first step, then copy-paste the domain name in Google or Web Dictionary. If the domain name has dictionary words then Web Dictionary should help. Otherwise as well, Google will suggest you the right name in majority of the cases if there was a typo error.

What you can do if you have already registered the domain?

1. If your registrar supports domain deletion for a fees, then obviously you should do it.

2. Else, just call the registrar or email them about the error you made. You stand a good chance to get your bucks back. Looks like Godaddy refunds the money in some cases.

What if nothing worked and you end up with the typo domain?

You should feel happy for the funny moment the typo domain gave you…

Staff on July 6th, 2009

Few tips which will help you save some dollars.

1. If you are into the rush for .im(Isle of Man) domains, then offers .im new registrations at $4.99(93% discount).

2. Make use of discount coupons or renewal coupons as and when they are available. Whenever you find Coupon Codes, go and check your domains to see if you can make use of these coupon codes. It does save significant dollars.

3. Godaddy Trick. If you don’t find any coupon code for a domain renewal or any other product renewal at Godaddy, simply make the order without completing it ie. don’t make the payment alone. Let the order be there in your Godaddy shopping cart. Most of the times, in a day or two you will get an email from Godaddy reminding you of the order and they will point you to some discount coupon code(if applicable). Some coupon code is better than no coupon code.

You can save some dollars this way and remember in these hard times every “Dollar Saved is Dollar Earned”.

It has been reported on that has been acquired by gets forwared to which means “One option less for Domainers”. But its only one side of the coin. The same acquisition presents an opportunity for any one with time, resource and passion. Hence it is “One competition less for Developers”.

Congrats to both the Seller & the Buyer.

Staff on July 3rd, 2009

Domainers too are humans and they need to spend sometime with their family. The reason i am saying this is, there is a general feeling among domainers that, “You can find great deals as it is a long weekend in the US”.

I don’t fully agree with the above statement due to the following reasons

1. Its a vacation only in the US. Domaining is global. Probably you can expect a little lesser competition at the most.

2. Most of the domainers are aware of this and would avoid selling during this time. Chances of you finding great names is not that high.

3. During this time, if you happen to find a domain with less competition, you might get sucked into the thought of having found a great deal while in reality you might have just got a decent deal.

4. From my experience, i hardly find great deals during these vacation times. May be i am not in the right place at the right time. Not sure though.

Good luck for finding deals if you can afford to sacrifice your vacation time but it would be real hard to find any life changing deals imho. I am no way suggesting you not to try but just putting my point across.

Happy vacation and Happy domain hunting. You make your own choice.

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