Staff on August 4th, 2009

Just made a few updates on which i want to share.

1. Added a “Subscribe via RSS” & “Subscribe via Email” options in the top of the middle sidebar. Feel free to subscribe.

2. Added a link category “Bido Vote Required” just below the subscribe option. Feel free to vote if you like the name.

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Morgan of Linton Investments is running a contest for Domain Development. Check the contest details at

Contest is to develop your previously undeveloped domain to rank top in Google search results. $500 worth prizes. One more reason to develop atleast one domain. Development is fun really, if you got the time for it.

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Staff on August 3rd, 2009

Bido is a market place for selling and buying domain names. Bido is a Social Auction Platform. I want to through some light on how Bido selects the domain names from submitted ones.

Bido Rules

Before we dive into how Bido selects the domains for selling, go through the Bido Rules which should give you the major steps involved in selling domain names on Bido.

Bido Voting System

Bido doesn’t auction all submitted domains. Domains get voted by Bido members and those which receive atleast 20 votes are the ones that make it to Bido’s auction. So for a Domain to get auctioned by Bido, it needs 20 votes. This pretty says why Bido is a Social Auction market place.

How to vote on Bid?

You have to be a registered member of Bido inorder to vote. Registration needs a small payment of $0.10, which i guess is to verify the registrant. Once you login to your Bido account, Go to Auction -> Submitted. Search the name on the Search bar if you can’t find a particular name on the list and then Click the “Thumbs up” image next to the domain name if you want to vote for that particular domain name.

What i would like to see on Bido voting system?

1. There is a “Thumbs up” image for voting. After i cast the vote it changes to “Tick mark” which is cool. What if i cast a vote by mistake. I don’t find a way to “Cancel” my vote.

2. The last submitted names are on the top of the list by default. I would prefer to see the first submitted names on the top as they are the ones which have least time to get the required 20 votes. I can sort it by clicking on “Days” column, but to have it by default would be cool.

I have submitted on Bido. Vote for it if you like the name.

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Staff on August 2nd, 2009

All LD Readers,

It has been two months since LazyDomaining was born. First month was exciting and the Second month was all the more exciting.

LD had over 3,000 visits in the second month which is double the number of first month visits. Thanks to all LD readers for making it happen.

Now that motivated me to change to a new theme. Hope this is better compared with the default one.

Have a nice day.


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