Staff on September 6th, 2009

Domain Name Brokers

Domain Name Brokers are those who mediate a Domain Name deal between the buyer and the seller normally for a brokerage fees. The brokerage fees really varies from a percentage of the sale price to a flat rate depending on the Domain Name Broker.

Many Domain Name Brokers broker only with exclusive brokerage rights though some of the Domain Name Brokers will also broker otherwise.

Domain Name Brokers usually broker only Premium Domain Names as it justifies their time and effort since the brokerage fees of the deal will be higher in this case.

Domain Name Brokers are rated based on their previous brokerage history, the level of contact they maintain within the domain name industry and other prospective end users, brokerage fees, success percentage, negotiation skills etc.

Domain Name Brokerage

Domain Name Brokerage can be a highly rewarding job. The advantages are that you don’t have to own the domain name, no high investment cost etc. You will have to just be a good broker with good contacts. Easier said than done. But many domain name brokers earn handsomely doing this job. Domain name brokerage is one more viable opportunity for earning.

Domain Name Brokers To Buy/Sell Domain Names

This is one area which is overlooked by those owning Premium Domains. Not everyone domain name owner has the brokering skills and contacts which are essential especially for high priced sales.

If one owns a very good domain or plans to buy a Premium Domain Name, taking the help of a domain name broker is going to give better returns. Though Domain Name Brokers are costly still this route will offer better returns on the investment.

The following are some of the factors one needs to consider before choosing a Domain Name Broker

1. Domain Name Broker’s past sales history
2. Is it exclusive rights and if so then what is the exclusive rights contract period
3. Domain Name Brokerage fees
4. What kind of contacts the Domain Name Broker has

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Staff on September 3rd, 2009

Dear LD Readers,

LD is three months old now. First and Second months were fun and it continues to get better by the day.

During the third month, LD had around 3,150 visits. This is only slightly more than the second month. But this is understandable as i made fewer posts during the third month. The real growth is in the unique visitors which grew over 30% compared with the second month. LD is slowly but surely growing.

Yesterday i.e 2nd Sep 2009, Lazy Domaining broke into the 100k mark at Alexa rank in a big way.

Under 100K 2ndSep2009

I take this opportunity to thank all LD Readers for the continued support.

Have a Good Day.


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Staff on September 3rd, 2009

A little Godaddy Coupon Code to Register or Transfer a .com domain at $5. However you will have to pay using a Credit card. Don’t think Paypal works.

GRAVITY5 – $5 for .com – Register or Transfer

I guess this works only for one domain per account though i haven’t tried it myself.

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Staff on September 2nd, 2009

I was going through domain names listed for auction this week at Bido. The following are the ones that caught my eyes.

Nice name for someone dealing with the hosting business.

Has good number of Google searches per month at around 12k. Baseball fans are going to love this one.

The name is very generic and can be used for multiple purposes.

Good keywords. Very good Google searches per month at around 60,500.

Good Keywords. Good number of Google searches per month at 27,100.

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