Staff on September 12th, 2009

Here is one browsing tip which i call Smart Browsing. There are a lot of browsing tips which will save a lot of keystrokes for your fingers. This is one i have put to use and i am happy doing it.

I use Firefox browser and it works like a charm. I am sure other browsers will have similar support which you will have to figure out.

The way an average web savvy user goes to a website is as follows. For eg: To go to Google they type and enter. Did you know, i can also type google and then ctrl+enter. Even if we know how many of use it. This means i can save 3 keystrokes by avoiding the tld i.e com.

Some of the similar shortcuts to go to .com, .net & .org are as follows.

google and ctrl+enter = and enter
google and shift+enter = and enter
google and ctrl+shift+enter = and enter

I have been using these shortcuts for quite some time. Today i decided to check what it really saves me. For 2 hours during which i checked i have been keying in around 44 urls i.e 22 per hour. If i have been browsing on average of 8 hours per day that would mean 176 urls per day saving me 176 * 3 = 528 keystrokes a day.

The other easy alternative is to bookmark the sites. Being a super fast keyboard user(or atleast i think so) i feel more confident and happy typing the urls than going by the bookmark route. I just checked my typing speed and it is 65 wpm with 0 mistakes. If you want to check your typing speed, you can check it here.


Staff on September 11th, 2009

Link Building is an important piece of the SEO puzzle and Link Consistency is very important during Link Building. Its no brainer Google and most other search engines love webpages which have more back links than ones with less or no back links.

One important thing one should keep in mind while Link Building is Link Consistency. By Link Consistency, i mean you should build links for the same url. Don’t mix your back links with the main domain and sub domains.

For eg: is the main domain of this blog. is the sub domain. Many people miss this point of Link Consistency.

If i get say 100 back links for and another 100 back links for, the search engines are going to view it as two urls having 100 back links each. I would rather benefit by having all 200 back links for the main domain i.e

Keep in mind having Link Consistency is an important factor in SEO.

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Staff on September 9th, 2009

First for those interested, I have a Geo domain at Bido’s no reserve auction on 10th September 2009 i.e on Thursday(tomorrow) this week.

I was sniffing through the domain names listed for auction at Bido for this week. The following are the picks.

Good name for an informational website. Should do well with little development.

Though i am not a fan of .cc names, this one is a good one.

Has around 15k Exact Global Google Monthly searches.

- South Bronx is a Geo in New York.

- 60,500 times searched in Google in US per month – Broad searches

- 8,100 times searched in Google in US per month – Exact searches

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Staff on September 8th, 2009

Some of the latest working Godaddy Coupon Codes are as follows. The last coupon code saved me $90 i.e 25% on my $360 order at Godaddy. I had to search for this code when i was running short of time. From now on i will try and post coupon codes frequently so that you know where to find them when you are in need of them.

yhkw105a – $7.17 for .com – New Registration
cjctld749 – $7.69 for .org – New Registration

DNF2 – $7.57 for .com – Renewal

gdr917k – 25% OFF on $75 or more


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