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What is Private Domain Registration?

A Private Domain Registration is a service provided for a fee(or free) by most of the domain registrars. Anyone can view the details of a domain’s owner as it is required for registrars to maintain those details according to ICANN rules. One place to view such details is When private domain registration is used, the details like name, address, phone, email etc of the domain’s owner are hidden from public access. Rather than showing the domain’s owner details, the registrar will provide their own contact details for which the registrars may charge a fee. Godaddy provides free private domain registration.

Is Private Domain Registration required?

It really depends on individual basis. The advantage of going for it is that, since your details are hidden, you can avoid spams, unwanted mails, scammers etc.

Can i use Private Domain Registration for all kinds of domains?

It is applicable to the major tlds like .com, .net, .org etc. For some cctlds like .us, .ca, in etc, private domain registration cannot be used as they normally require the owner to satisfy some criteria to own such domains, for which ICANN wants the owner details to be publicly available.

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Assuming you are going to take only one of the two domains, consider the following factors.

1. Availability
Is .com available for registration. If not then what is it going to cost you for acquiring .com. It won’t make business sense to acquire a .com version of the name if it costs, say more than your total project estimation.

2. Target audience
If you are targetting a particular country, then what is more popular in that particular country, .com or .net. If .net is what is popular, then its better to go with .net. I would also consider the cctld( for uk, .us for us etc) before making a decision.

3. Readability
Some cool hacks are possible with .net domains. Eg: FindJobsOn.Net makes more sense than FindJobsOn.Com. Again this applies to each specific case as such.

4. Source of traffic
What source of traffic are you targetting? Type-ins, Search engines, Backlinks etc. If your major traffic source is type-in, better to get .com as people(especially in US) tend to type-in the .com name. If your major traffic source is from Search engines or Backlinks, depending on other factors you can choose either .com or .net.

Having said all, i want to look into some of my fellow domainers views

a. Majority of the traffic will go for .com if .net is developed site
Well this again depends on source of traffic. In most of the cases, “majority” of the traffic is not going to leak but only some part of the traffic. This is not that big a factor, if you are targeting traffic from Search engines and Backlinks.

b. If my .net becomes a hit, i will have to shell lot of money to get hold of .com
First of all, there is no need for you to go for .com name if your .net is already an established site. More people are getting smarter these days and making use of search engines to find the site compared with pure type-ins. Also if you are a die hard domainer who wants the .com version as well, you can think the other way. Lets say your .net has become a hit and if your name is a TM, then you have a better chance of getting hold of .com provided your TM is violated. Also in this case, .com owner can only dream of getting the big money from you as an enduser. So you might be in a good position to get the .com with the luxury of playing the wait game. Not many people would be willing to buy the .com which has a TM.

admin on June 9, 2009 is at Sedo auction with reserve met, meaning the top bidder will take the name. Make sure you satisfy the requirements to own .US domains

There are many reasons why i feel is one hell of a deal

Super premium one word adult name. Adult names are the least hit even in this worst times.

45.5 Million searches in Google in the month of April 2009. Imagine the potential of developing this name.

– “Ass” also stands for “Assets” which is another super premium financial name.

– .US is no ordinary country code tld. It is for US, the top country code tld you can hope for.

You don’t get to see deals like this very often.

This is one of the best time to buy and is probably one of the best domain to buy atm.

The following points needs to be considered while choosing a registrar to register domain name

1. Reliability of the Registrar
This is one of the most important point to consider while registering a domain name. Big boys like Godaddy, Moniker, Dynadot, Enom etc are the preferred choice. Many small registrars have gone broke after few months/years of existence.

2. Price for registering a domain name
It is one factor which makes a lot of business sense. But don’t get carried away by cheap price alone. Reliability of the registrar should be considered along with the renewal charges as well.

3. Easy Maintenance
Another important point to consider if you are a reseller. Pushing or transferring domains is next to impossible with some registrars. Don’t want to name them but just do your research before you make a choice. Also make sure changing dns, contact details etc are free of charge for atleast the top tlds like .com, .net & .org.

4. Bulk Pricing
Some registrars like Dynadot offer some cheap bulk pricing. If you are going to register tons of names you might have to consider this factor as well.

admin on June 6, 2009

Whenever you purchase a product at Godaddy including domain names the Auto renew option for that particular product is turned ON by default. I hate the fact Godaddy by default keeps this option ON. Lets say you bought a product or domain name at Godaddy for quick flipping or without the intention of renewing this product, you are safe if you turn OFF the Auto renew option. Most of the times when this product or domain name hits close to the renewal period, Godaddy sends you reminder mails. Lets say you were on vacation or worst case this reminder mail got burried in your spam folder, they will automatically renew all the products or domain names if the Auto renew option is ON. Especially if you have a huge list of domains for renewals at the same time you could be taken for a ride. I have been there and wanted to share this tip with my LazyDomaining readers.

For this reason, i suggest you to go through the auto renew option setting whenever you purchase a product or domain name at Godaddy and make the necessary setting changes.

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How to open hyper link in new window or new tab?
The following code should be embedded in the html code for hyperlink

For eg: inorder to open this post in a new window or tab the following code is used

target _blank

Why is it so important?
You don’t want your visitors to leave once they click a link especially when it is an external link. Mostly the visitors will forget to come back to your site if you allow the link to open in the current window or tab.

This is a tip which is very effective and important one too. Whenever you add a hyper link in your website/blog don’t forget the target=”_blank”.

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I want to share some interesting SEO myths with’s readers.

When you Google for “Domain Name Blog”, you will find the domain as the first search result.

dnsblogs google

A closer look at the domain will bust the following SEO myths

Myth 1: High PR is mandatory for higher ranking in Google is just PR1 and is ranked first for “Domain Name Blog”

Myth 2: Posts should be made regularly in order for higher ranking in Google

dnsblogs home

The last post in was made 19 months back in Nov 2007. Blogs with more recent post couldn’t get to the top spot.

Myth 3: Advanced themes are required for higher ranking in Google

Though advanced themes might enhance the look and feel for the visitor but not really from SEO perspective or in other words you can get the job done even with the basic theme of WP from the SEO perspective. uses the basic default theme of WP but still ranked first for “Domain Name Blog”.

Domains with traffic are always a preferred choice as it gives an instant option to monetize them using the different parking systems at the least. Then there is the development angle as well.

Here i will throw light about the domains with traffic from the parking

1. What are traffic domains?

They are Domains which gets visitors without you spending a dime on ads. Traffic may come from

a. Pure type-ins – people actually typing in the domain name in the browser

b. Expired domain – this domain might have been a developed website before, with backlinks

c. Search engine traffic

2. What should one look for when buying a traffic domain?

First thing you should look for is the answer to the question “Why are visitors coming to the domain?”

If you can’t find an answer to that question first you should try to find one before proceeding. The chances of getting burned is more when you don’t have an answer to that question.

3. What are the other important factors to consider?

a. Do proper research whether the domain in question has any trademarks

b. Find out the geo location of the traffic. If the visitors are from a country where there are no advertisers for the keyword(which you might use during parking) then there isn’t much scope for the domain from the parking angle. So this factor is important.

c. Find out which parking system the domain currently is parked. Some domains do well only with some parking companies. For eg. if the domain is doing currently well at DomainSponsor and you don’t have an account with DomainSponsor thinking you will get the same results with say Sedo, then you are taking a huge risk.

admin on June 2, 2009 is one of the domain registrars i really like for the following reasons.

– Interface is simple and clean
– Changing Nameservers, Contact details and getting Authorization code for transferring out is all easy
– They seem to be paying one of the top parking revenue though i haven’t experienced it myself

Why am i transferring out my domains then?

$7.30/year for .com domains applies only to Wholesale/Monetization accounts
$29.95/year for .com domains if you have a Retail/Registration account(this is what most of you will have)

Since i have a Registration account, it doesn’t make business sense to renew domains which i have at Hence i am transferring out my domains.

I thought i will share with everyone about this pricing difference so that you can be better prepared for renewals.

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You can get free private registration at Godaddy provided you go for a bulk registration or transfer. In other words you will have to register or transfer atleast 5 domains to avail this offer. Simply add the private registration to your cart for these domains and any other domains which are already in your Godaddy account before you checkout and there will be no charge for this private registration. Say you already have 100 domains in your Godaddy account which have no private registration. By simply registering or transferring 5 domains with Godaddy you can avail free private registration for 100 + 5 = 105 domains. Isn’t that Cool.

Free Private Registration at Godaddy