Staff on November 11th, 2009

Here is my story for the day and it isn’t really pleasant. I am having a tough time to make a paypal payment because paypal won’t accept the credit card. It hurts when we get stuck with making a paypal payment.

Paypal says the credit card company denied the payment(thats the error i get) but i doubt so for the following reasons. The same credit card is able to fund my MoneyBookers account. The same credit card is able to fund my Moniker account. I just tried the above two as soon as Paypal payment didn’t go through.

The reason can be that the credit card company’s paypal gateway is experiencing some problem at the moment. It may work later. It might not even be fair to get pissed with Paypal.

But then you don’t have many choices. In this case the Seller also accepts MoneyBookers payment so i might get away this time. End of the day i am always wary about Paypal and am never 100% sure until the paypal payment is successful.

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Staff on November 3rd, 2009

For those interested I have at Bido Auction on 4th November 2009 i.e tomorrow. This domain has good exact matches on Google adwords. Since everyone is going to digital boxes these days the domain is a good catch imho.

To bid on please use the below link

Please note it is a no reserve auction meaning the highest bidder takes the domain.


Staff on November 2nd, 2009

Whenever you use to sell your domains there is a fees you will have to pay. The Sedo fees for domains(.com, .net, .org etc) parked with them are $50 or 10% of the Sale Price whichever is higher meaning the minimum Sedo fees is $50.

Recently Sedo announced there won’t be any minimum fees if you list your domains for a fixed price.

I usually use Sedo for its escrow service. Lets say i agree with the buyer to sell my domain for $350. If i don’t put a fixed price of $350 at Sedo for this domain and ask the buyer to make an offer of $350 which i can accept and proceed with the deal, then Sedo will charge a minimum of $50 as fees. If i can put a fixed price of $350 which the buyer accepts to buy at $350 price then Sedo will charge only 10% of $350 i.e $35 as fees.

A little info which will save a bit when the price of the domain is less than $500. Nothing great but it feels good when you can take advantage of such tips.


Staff on November 1st, 2009

Looks like Google has updated the Page Rank or in other words the Google PR. I was waiting for this latest update for over a month.

Lazy Domaining has jumped from PR1 to PR2 which is very much encouraging.

Here are some of the other Domain Name blogs & websites(in no particular order) whose PR you might be interested in. – PR4 – PR6
ElliotsBlog – PR4 – PR3 – PR3 – PR5 – PR4 – PR3 – PR4 – PR4

Some of my minisites which i recently purchased are showing PR3-PR2. I would like to state that a PR drop won’t discourage me as i don’t entirely base my valuation of a blog or website on PR. It is just another factor to consider.

I used PR Checker to find this info.


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