It has been reported on that has been acquired by gets forwared to which means “One option less for Domainers”. But its only one side of the coin. The same acquisition presents an opportunity for any one with time, resource and passion. Hence it is “One competition less for Developers”.

Congrats to both the Seller & the Buyer.

admin on July 3, 2009

Domainers too are humans and they need to spend sometime with their family. The reason i am saying this is, there is a general feeling among domainers that, “You can find great deals as it is a long weekend in the US”.

I don’t fully agree with the above statement due to the following reasons

1. Its a vacation only in the US. Domaining is global. Probably you can expect a little lesser competition at the most.

2. Most of the domainers are aware of this and would avoid selling during this time. Chances of you finding great names is not that high.

3. During this time, if you happen to find a domain with less competition, you might get sucked into the thought of having found a great deal while in reality you might have just got a decent deal.

4. From my experience, i hardly find great deals during these vacation times. May be i am not in the right place at the right time. Not sure though.

Good luck for finding deals if you can afford to sacrifice your vacation time but it would be real hard to find any life changing deals imho. I am no way suggesting you not to try but just putting my point across.

Happy vacation and Happy domain hunting. You make your own choice.

admin on July 2, 2009

The following are some of the working Godaddy coupon code for new registration and renewals.

goaz2001ai – $7.19 for new .coms

cjcsave – $5 off order $30 or more
cjctenoff – $10 off order $50 or more
cjcdeal77 – $20 off order $100 or more

ZINE5 – 10% off any order
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Today i came across a traffic domain. The domain looked like a solid one for the below reasons.

1. It earned handsome revenue in the last one month.
2. There was enough traffic.
3. The domain was getting expired traffic.
4. The price was cheap.

I have previously made a post about “Guidelines for buying traffic domains”.

I noticed this domain was a proxy domain earlier. But now the parking was optimized for a different niche(a high paying keyword) which is irrelevant. This really turned me away. Parking companies go hard at domains like these. High risk of your account getting closed and due amount withheld.

Domain’s history is a very important factor before making a decision.

admin on June 30, 2009

While selling domain names on forums or other places the following dos and donts apply. This will make the seller look like a pro and will earn respect from fellow domainers.

1. Specify the domain name(s) clearly in the thread.
2. List the registrar and the expiry date of the domain name(s).
3. Put a proper price or atleast a minimum offer.
4. Specify the method of accepted payments.
5. Specify the validity of the offer if you want to make it as a limited time offer.
6. Say who are eligible for the offer.

1. Don’t try to be hide any facts. Some newbies don’t specify the registrar & expiry date, when the domain cannot be transferred out due to the registrar policy and the domain is about to expire respectively.
2. Don’t bump the thread before 24hrs which is the normal rule.
3. Don’t encourage unwanted comments on your sale thread.

admin on June 29, 2009

Dear LD Readers,

I am happy to let you all know that LazyDomaining is one month old as of today. Time flies fast for sure.

LazyDomaining had over 1,500 visits in the last one month which is no small feat imho. I take this opportunity to thank all LD readers who made it happen.

Have a nice day.


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admin on June 29, 2009

If you don’t want to loose your hard earned money, its better to stay away from bidding wars if you sense you are getting involved in one. The economy is down which is no brainer. From my experience even during the peak times, most of the times i lost money whenever i won a bidding war. You should stay away from them for the following reasons

1. By winning a bidding war, you are doing no favour to yourself other than the personal satisfaction of winning. You are paying the top price for it by winning. Its a strict no if you are a short term flipper.

2. Don’t even think about getting into a bidding war, if you don’t need the name badly(i mean only if you have plans of development or other solid back up plan for the name).

3. Right now is definitely not the time to win a bidding war. Hold your money tight and make wise decisions not emotional ones.

Good luck.

admin on June 28, 2009

I have a college domain and it was earning good revenue from parking for the past three months. It used to earn anywhere between $0.5 – $2.5 per click. For the past few days, each click is earning $0.01. Thats a huge difference. Its right now earning next to nothing. The point i am trying to make is some niches perform only at some season. The best way to reduce the risk is to have a diversified portfolio. Spread your portfolio is the key.

admin on June 26, 2009

Godaddy is giving another discount coupon code which will give you 30% discount on New Registeration or Renewal of .COM, .NET, .ORG or .BIZ.

Coupon Code: gdr0623y

PLUS, FREE Private Registration with each domain registered. Just add the Private Registration to the cart before you check out.

Offer ends Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at midnight (Pacific Time).

Source: Godaddy

admin on June 26, 2009

Can there be difference between the stats from Google Analytics and Awstats?

That is what most will be seeing. Infact in most of the cases, Google Analytics will be showing only 1/3rd to 1/10th of the volume compared with Awstats.

Is this difference ok?

Yes. This is perfectly fine as they both work in a very different way. So infact if we are comparing their stats, we are basically comparing apples and oranges.

How does Google Analytics and Awstats work?

Google Analytics executes a java script on the client machine which is then used to log the information about the visitor on Google servers. Awstats works by reading the log files which are written by default on the website’s hosting server.

Why the stats from Google Analytics and Awstats are different?

There are tons of reasons why they are so different. The following are some of the few main reasons.

1. As said earlier Google Analytics expects the client machine to execute the java script. So if the client machine has restrictions in executing the java script due to security reasons, then those visitors will not be captured by Google Analytics. But Awstats will capture all visitors as everything is logged on the website’s hosting server.

2. Most of the proxy servers cache the webpage. So if a first visitor accesses a webpage using proxy server it is cached. When the second visitor tries to see the same page, it might be fetched from the cache in which case it won’t be logged on the website’s hosting server. Awstats will not see these visitors. The same logic applies when the client’s web browser has cache enabled.

3. Some browsers by default won’t execute the java script due to security reasons.

4. Firewalls can prevent the execution of java script i.e Google Analytics.

5. Spiders and Robots can’t execute the Google Analytics and they won’t be detected by Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is more for the non-techies and Awstats is more for the techies.