admin on July 23, 2009

Lately more and more Domainers are moving from full time Domaining to Domain Development. To be honest, Domain Development is not everyone’s cup of tea. Before you jump in, you might have to consider the below factors.

1. Development Skill and Interest

Do you have programming skill for doing the domain development yourself or atleast you should have the interest to learn them. Trust me its real fun to get your hands dirty.

2. Patience

Domain Development is generally a waiting game. It takes time to see the returns. Make sure you are patient enough. In general it takes atleast a month or two for visitors to trickle in and revenue to flow in for a new website.

3. Investment

If you don’t have the domain development skill or the interest to get into it, then you can outsource the work ofcourse for a cost. You can find developers at Namepros & DP who can do minisites for $25-$50 including the content for the minisite. This is to give you a general idea of the investment you will have to consider.

admin on July 21, 2009

These are tough times and every dollar you spend counts. You have to find out ways to avoid spending those extra dollars whenever possible or if you feel you can’t cut down the dollar then make sure atleast you have more than one reason for your spending. Choosing a Registrar is significant as it also determines the Market Place Access.

1. Godaddy

If i want to hand reg a domain name for the purpose of development or if i feel i can sell it by tdnam, I would choose Godaddy provided i can find some discount coupons by which i can cut the domain registration cost significantly. Having a domain name at Godaddy makes it easier to sell the domain names by Tdnam.

2. Moniker

If i want to sell the domain name through Snapnames, then i would go for Moniker even if it means shelling those little extra dollars. Please note that only domain names at Moniker can be sold by Snapnames.

In most of the cases i zero in one of these two registrars.

Following are some of the working Godaddy Coupon Codes for Domain registration, renewal and other products at Godaddy.

Below code is valid till 19th July

gdr0717at – Save $20 on order $100 or more

Below codes are valid till 31st July 2009

gdr0709w – .net New Registration for $6.99 and Free Private Registration
gdr0709ac – .net New Registration for $6.99

POSTER7 – 10% off
POSTER8 – 20% off $50 or more
POSTER9 – 30% off on .com – New Registration and Renewal
POSTER25 – 25% off on Hosting

Moniker Special Prices for domain registration – Offer valid till 31st July 2009

.ORG first year new registration only $7.97
.US first year new registration only $4.99
.MOBI new registrations up to 10 years only $5.59/yr
.MOBI renewals up to 10 years only $7.99/yr

admin on July 15, 2009

To start with i am no way against Godaddy and it is one of my favourite registrars. But there are certain things you have to be careful with Godaddy. Previous posts (tricks, tips etch) about Godaddy are here.

I bought a product at Godaddy a year back. The auto renew option was ON. When the renewal time was near, Godaddy was sending me mails that it would renew the product but my Paypal account which was linked with Godaddy didn’t have both sufficient funds and a valid credit card as backup source.

Well i didn’t bother much because i didn’t want to renew the product. Also as an experiment(i had not so good previous experiences with Godaddy), i wanted to see what Godaddy will do. After a week, i made a sale and funds got into my Paypal account. I got into my Paypal account 15 minutes after the buyer sent the payment.

You guess what happened. Godaddy has renewed the product which was due renewal the moment funds got into the Paypal account. The point is “Godaddy knows when the funds get into your Paypal”. Be cautious.

One more reason why you should turn OFF the auto renew option at Godaddy.

admin on July 12, 2009

I would like to share some jokes or other humorous stuffs now and then. Really want to take that little break from domaining. Domainers need to relax a bit imho.

Just came across a small interesting story with a lesson to be learned.

A bus driver was up to his routine job. Started the bus from the garage and went on from one stop to another. People were getting in and out at the bus stops. No problems till then. In the next bus stop a big hulk boards the bus. He is six feet tall, well built body and long arms. Stares the bus driver and says “Big John won’t pay”. The driver is amused and doesn’t know what to do. Big John takes his seat in the bus.

This started repeating everyday and the bus driver started loosing his sleep. The driver wanted to do something. So enrolled himself for the body building classes and karate classes. After a few days the bus driver had put on some weight and knows a few karate steps for self defense. He felt its time to stand up against Big John.

The next day, Big John boards the bus and repeats the words “Big John won’t pay”. The bus driver stares at Big John and screams “Why is that Big John won’t pay”. Big John is little amused and replies “Because Big John has a bus pass”.

Lesson: First make sure you have a problem before trying to solve one. This pretty much applies to all fields including domaining.

admin on July 10, 2009

I will explain how to install a WordPress plugin on WordPress. Lets see the steps involved in installing WP-PageNavi 2.5 plugin on WordPress 2.8.x as an example.

WP-PageNavi plugin helps to get a better page navigation compared with the default “Older Entries” & “Newer Entries” page navigation. Once this plugin is installed you can jump to any page directly instead of going one by one as shown below.

Page Navi

1. Download the zip copy of the WP-PageNavi 2.5 plugin and unzip it.

2. Upload the unzipped copy into your /public_html/wp-content/plugins folder using the ftp client. I use FileZilla as my ftp client.

3. Now login to the Admin area of your wordpress blog and go to “Plugins” option. There you can see the newly updated “WP-PageNavi” plugin. Activate the plugin.

4. The last and most critical step is connecting your blog to the WP-PageNavi plugin. In the default wordpress theme check for the file index.php. Remove the two lines

Page Navi Default Code

and replace it by the following line

Page Navi Code

and you are done with the plugin installation.

5. Go to your site and you will see the new page navigation buttons right at the bottom of your blog’s main page similar to the one you see in

The better place to keep funds is Bank in my books. I am against keeping large funds in Paypal for the following reasons.

1. You never know when Paypal will pull your feet. For some obscure reason they can keep your account under review and freeze your funds. I have been there and it hurts your business badly.

2. Bank pays an interest while Paypal doesn’t. Something is better than nothing.

3. If you are a spend thrift, better to keep the funds in the Bank.

4. Bank gives me a better peace of mind compared with Paypal.

Be Safe than Sorry.

admin on July 8, 2009

Following are some of the currently working top coupon codes at Godaddy. Make use of them to save some bucks.

gdr0705d – 20% OFF on any two .com, .org or .biz domains – New Registration – Expires July 19.

gdr0623be – 30% OFF on .com, .org, .net or .biz domains – New Registration or Renewal – Expires July 11.

gdbb776 – .net for $7.5 – Renewal.

BTPS50 – 50% OFF on domains.

MTECH2 – 20% OFF on $50 or more.

admin on July 7, 2009

There are lots of dumb moments in everyday life and domaining is no exception. One of the “Dumbest Moment” in a Domainer’s life is making a typo error while registering a domain. Its not just about losing some bucks, it really makes one feel dumb, the dumbest i would say.

I suddenly find a great name available. Lots of hearts flying around. I feel why on earth no one registered this name or think may be the domain just got dropped and that i am lucky to be at the right place in the right time. I register the domain and live in paradise for a while before realising the typo error. Ouch that hurts like anything.

What you can do to avoid such errors?

1. Make sure you read the domain you typed carefully. I know thats hard for many of us.

2. If you are lazy to do the first step, then copy-paste the domain name in Google or Web Dictionary. If the domain name has dictionary words then Web Dictionary should help. Otherwise as well, Google will suggest you the right name in majority of the cases if there was a typo error.

What you can do if you have already registered the domain?

1. If your registrar supports domain deletion for a fees, then obviously you should do it.

2. Else, just call the registrar or email them about the error you made. You stand a good chance to get your bucks back. Looks like Godaddy refunds the money in some cases.

What if nothing worked and you end up with the typo domain?

You should feel happy for the funny moment the typo domain gave you…

admin on July 6, 2009

Few tips which will help you save some dollars.

1. If you are into the rush for .im(Isle of Man) domains, then offers .im new registrations at $4.99(93% discount).

2. Make use of discount coupons or renewal coupons as and when they are available. Whenever you find Coupon Codes, go and check your domains to see if you can make use of these coupon codes. It does save significant dollars.

3. Godaddy Trick. If you don’t find any coupon code for a domain renewal or any other product renewal at Godaddy, simply make the order without completing it ie. don’t make the payment alone. Let the order be there in your Godaddy shopping cart. Most of the times, in a day or two you will get an email from Godaddy reminding you of the order and they will point you to some discount coupon code(if applicable). Some coupon code is better than no coupon code.

You can save some dollars this way and remember in these hard times every “Dollar Saved is Dollar Earned”.