First for those interested, I have my domain at Bido’s no reserve auction on 21st August 2009 i.e on Friday this week.

I was going through this week’s auction list at Bido. The following are the ones that caught my eyes.


This name definitely has development potential. I love Gold, well who doesn’t.


3 character .coms at no reserve auction.


I love Chocolates too and this one can find a few end users.


201,000“Exact” Global Monthly Searches
823,000 – “Broad” Global Monthly Searches

Huge number of monthly searches at Google. No way you can go wrong with this one.


One Comment to “LazyDomaining’s Picks This Week – Bido Auctions”

  1. Jamie Parks says:

    Good luck with – The winning bidder will probably get a heck of a deal. This domain has a lot of potential.

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