By default WordPress blog comment links are using the “no follow” attribute meaning the comment links won’t get any PR juice. Using a dofollow plugin you can suppress this “no follow” attribute and make it into a “do follow” blog.

WordPress is an easy to use CMS especially for the non techies. You can almost find a plugin for all your work.

The steps involved in making your blog comment links into “do follow” links using a WordPress plugin are as follows.

1. Install a do follow plugin such as Semilogic dofollow plugin. I have already written a post on how to install a wordpress plugin which will be useful if you want to know how to install the dofollow plugin.

2. Activate the dofollow plugin and you are done.

3. Now all your blog comment links will turn “do follow” i.e the search engines will follow those links and give them some link juice.

Alternatively you can also edit the comment template php code. By removing the “no follow” attribute you can get the same effect such as using a dofollow plugin. But then you will have to do it everytime you update the wordpress version.  Dofollow plugin makes life easy from that perspective.

Lazy Domaining is a now a “do follow” blog. Anyone who makes or/and have already made quality comments will be rewarded with some link juice. Hope it helps.


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