There are tons and tons of Domain names auctioned everyday. When you want your Domain name to be auctioned, it is highly important to make sure your Domain name auction stands out of the rest. This will ensure it gets maximum coverage and hence the maximum price.

I have already touched this in my previous post. I feel this is very important aspect of any Domain name auction or any Domain name sale. Advertise as much as possible to make sure it gets the maximum coverage.

One such very important resource to advertise or get the word across is Domain name blogs such as Lazy Domaining or any such blogs. Domain Name Blogs are very powerful and reaches a highly targeted audience i.e Domainers & Webmasters. Next time you plan to send your Domain name for auction, make sure you get the message across the board by making use of Domain Name Blogs.


6 Comments to “How To Make Your Domain Name Auction Standout”

  1. John says:

    lol, let me help you with your SEO.

    “Read Domain Name Blogs as often as possible to learn about Domain Name Blogs. On Domain Name Blogs, you’ll find all kinds of stuff on Domain Name Blogs”

    I read your blog more than any other Domain Name Blogs.

    🙂 – just messing with you…

  2. Kumaran says:


    lol… May be because most often I write for fellow Domainers than for Search Engines.

    Thanks for being a regular at Lazy Domaining.

  3. Rupali says:

    I wish if I could see this post before. I had a domain which expired last week. did’t know that it could be auctioned.

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