Here are 5 Domains in the Hotel Niche for sale. All 5 Domains are .com domains and have very good number of “exact” searches in Google each month. They also have good CPC.

All 5 Domains are registered with Moniker till 22-Aug-2010 and can be pushed to another account at Moniker.

No. of Searches in Google in August – 6,600
CPC – $3.44

No. of Searches in Google in August – 6,600
CPC – $2.14

No. of Searches in Google in August – 4,400
CPC – $4.51

No. of Searches in Google in August – 5,400
CPC – $2.97

No. of Searches in Google in August – 6,600
CPC – $3.17

Bulk Price: Sold. There were multiple interests and thanks to all.

Payment: Paypal Masspay only

It is a bulk deal.

Please contact me or post in the comments section if you want to purchase the domains. First come first serve.

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5 Comments to “Hotel Niche – 5 Domains With Good Exact Searches In Google And CPC”

  1. Good domains with good prices. I would have loved to have featured those in the newsletter for you.=)

  2. Kumaran says:

    Wanted to give the first chance to LD Readers. Sure will try your newletter next time.

  3. Please contact us if you don’t get a bulk deal done. We would be interested in buying individual hotel domains.

  4. Kumaran says:

    @Domain Name Reserve

    Received some interest for bulk deal. Will contact you incase if it doesn’t go through.

    Back up offers are welcome. Thanks.

  5. Rebecca says: not tell me your terms for…

    publication: it is up to the publisher to offer the terms. for example, don’t make the mistake of saying, “i am offering you the north american printing rights at a ten percent royalty while i retain the right to publish the…

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