admin on September 11, 2009

Link Building is an important piece of the SEO puzzle and Link Consistency is very important during Link Building. Its no brainer Google and most other search engines love webpages which have more back links than ones with less or no back links. One important thing one should keep in mind while Link Building is […]

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admin on August 30, 2009

What is the best way to Monetize a Domain Name blog? To answer this we need to go back to the basic question of Why are visitors coming to the Domain Name blog. They are coming to see if they can find some useful information. The Power of a Domain Name blog or any blog […]

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Changing Google Adsense Publisher Id alone won’t work anymore. This used to be the way till sometime back. But now Google has changed the way it works and lets see why changing the publisher id alone won’t display the Google Adsense ads. You have bought a website or a template which is monetized using Google […]

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admin on August 10, 2009

Let us see how to install a WordPress Contact Form Plugin or WP Contact Form Plugin. Refer the post of how to install a wordpress plugin in general to start with. WP Contact Form Plugin is a very useful plugin to set up a contact page so that visitors can easily send an email through […]

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Morgan of Linton Investments is running a contest for Domain Development. Check the contest details at Contest is to develop your previously undeveloped domain to rank top in Google search results. $500 worth prizes. One more reason to develop atleast one domain. Development is fun really, if you got the time for it.

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admin on July 28, 2009

Domain Development will add maximum value only if it reaches its logical conclusion. Whether it is a minisite or a full fledged site finally it should attain the objective of revenue generation. If you are looking to put up a site on a domain(one which has no traffic & revenue) and try to flip it […]

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admin on July 24, 2009

Domain Investment is spending your bucks on Domains(Price to acquire, Development cost if applicable, Maintenance cost etc) with the intention of making a profit in future. Is Developing Minisites kind of Domain Investment? Yes very much. No matter it is a minisite or a massive site, every buck you spend comes under Domain Investment. Is […]

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admin on July 23, 2009

Lately more and more Domainers are moving from full time Domaining to Domain Development. To be honest, Domain Development is not everyone’s cup of tea. Before you jump in, you might have to consider the below factors. 1. Development Skill and Interest Do you have programming skill for doing the domain development yourself or atleast […]

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admin on June 20, 2009

No amount of traffic is good unless it is targeted traffic. Traffic or in other words visitors, coming to your website should be targeted. If they are looking for soccer information and if your website is about racing bikes, then that traffic is not called as targeted traffic. Traffic building isn’t that important as Targeted […]

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