admin on July 30, 2009

Google keyword tool is a handy tool for all domainers. If you haven’t used it yet, i suggest you to try it straight away. It gives a wealth of information regarding the “keywords” you are interested in. You would have noticed the “Match Type” column which is the last column shown in the result. There […]

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admin on June 26, 2009

Can there be difference between the stats from Google Analytics and Awstats? That is what most will be seeing. Infact in most of the cases, Google Analytics will be showing only 1/3rd to 1/10th of the volume compared with Awstats. Is this difference ok? Yes. This is perfectly fine as they both work in a […]

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admin on June 24, 2009

If your website is ranked say within the top 1000 results on google for a particular keyword, you can do the following to find the position of the website. 1. Change the “Results per page” to “100” in Advanced search. 2. Now key-in the keyword to Google and hit the “Search” button. 3. Find the […]

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