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admin on July 24, 2009

Domain Investment is spending your bucks on Domains(Price to acquire, Development cost if applicable, Maintenance cost etc) with the intention of making a profit in future. Is Developing Minisites kind of Domain Investment? Yes very much. No matter it is a minisite or a massive site, every buck you spend comes under Domain Investment. Is […]

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admin on July 23, 2009

Lately more and more Domainers are moving from full time Domaining to Domain Development. To be honest, Domain Development is not everyone’s cup of tea. Before you jump in, you might have to consider the below factors. 1. Development Skill and Interest Do you have programming skill for doing the domain development yourself or atleast […]

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admin on July 21, 2009

These are tough times and every dollar you spend counts. You have to find out ways to avoid spending those extra dollars whenever possible or if you feel you can’t cut down the dollar then make sure atleast you have more than one reason for your spending. Choosing a Registrar is significant as it also […]

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The better place to keep funds is Bank in my books. I am against keeping large funds in Paypal for the following reasons. 1. You never know when Paypal will pull your feet. For some obscure reason they can keep your account under review and freeze your funds. I have been there and it hurts […]

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admin on July 7, 2009

There are lots of dumb moments in everyday life and domaining is no exception. One of the “Dumbest Moment” in a Domainer’s life is making a typo error while registering a domain. Its not just about losing some bucks, it really makes one feel dumb, the dumbest i would say. I suddenly find a great […]

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admin on July 6, 2009

Few tips which will help you save some dollars. 1. If you are into the rush for .im(Isle of Man) domains, then offers .im new registrations at $4.99(93% discount). 2. Make use of discount coupons or renewal coupons as and when they are available. Whenever you find Coupon Codes, go and check your domains […]

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admin on July 3, 2009

Domainers too are humans and they need to spend sometime with their family. The reason i am saying this is, there is a general feeling among domainers that, “You can find great deals as it is a long weekend in the US”. I don’t fully agree with the above statement due to the following reasons […]

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Today i came across a traffic domain. The domain looked like a solid one for the below reasons. 1. It earned handsome revenue in the last one month. 2. There was enough traffic. 3. The domain was getting expired traffic. 4. The price was cheap. I have previously made a post about “Guidelines for buying […]

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admin on June 30, 2009

While selling domain names on forums or other places the following dos and donts apply. This will make the seller look like a pro and will earn respect from fellow domainers. Dos: 1. Specify the domain name(s) clearly in the thread. 2. List the registrar and the expiry date of the domain name(s). 3. Put […]

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admin on June 29, 2009

Dear LD Readers, I am happy to let you all know that LazyDomaining is one month old as of today. Time flies fast for sure. LazyDomaining had over 1,500 visits in the last one month which is no small feat imho. I take this opportunity to thank all LD readers who made it happen. Have […]

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