Recently I got a mail shown in the below picture supposed to be from Paypal. The moment I saw the mail, I know it is a Paypal Phishing Email.

Following are some of the tips you can use to identify the Phishing Emails such as above.

1. Take a look at the First Red Box. You can notice the sender email id: but with the name as “”. For the naked eye it might look like the email id is which is not the case.

2. Take a look at the Second Red Box. Paypal or any such big guys usually address by your name i.e. Personalized email rather than a bulk email.

3.  Check the Third Red Box. The email asks you to download the attachment. Paypal never asks you to download anything. The moment an email asks you to download something you got to be alert.

4. This email was sent to my email id which is no way connected to my Paypal id. That was a easy give away.

Stay alert guys and you can save your hard earned money, time and peace of mind.



3 Comments on Your Account Has Been Limited PayPal Case ID PP-658-119-347

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have no fear even if they land into Inbox because I don’t have PayPal account as PayPal don’t accept accounts from Pakistan.

    Hopefully they will open soon so I will be cautious like others 😉

  2. Trico says:

    i remember the first time I received such an email some years ago. It can be quite scary and cause you to click on a link in a panic. I almost did but contacted PayPal and included a copy of the email. Paypal assured me it was bogus and asked that any such emails be forwarded to:

    Be sure to leave everything intact and include Full (not abbreviated) Headers.

  3. Olu Ade says:

    That is a good advice for we Paypal users.

    I will be on the watchout

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