Looking for a way to Protect your WordPress site Content. Here we have a Plugin to do that. It has touched the 1000 Download mark and going strong.

You can download it from WordPress.org

Fantastic Content Protector Free on WordPress.org

or from FantasticPlugins.com

Fantastic Content Protector Free on FantasticPlugins.com

WordPress Content Protector does that by disabling the following user actions

1. Disables the Mouse Right Click
2. Disables CTRL+C – Copy
3. Disables CTRL+X – Cut
4. Disables CTRL+V – Paste
5. Disables CTRL+U – View Source
6. Disables CTRL+A – Select All
7. Disables CTRL+S – Save
8. Disables Image Dragging

If you looking to customize the options say you want to pick and choose the actions in the above list which should be disabled then consider buying our Premium WordPress Content Protector where in the Settings Page you can select/deselect the above actions which will then be disabled.

Check out many more of our Premium WordPress Plugins.

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3 Comments on Free WordPress Content Protector Plugin

  1. Gabriele says:

    Great plugin, that ist what i am looking for. Thank you for sharing.

    Nice Sunday for you!

  2. Quick Question:
    If anyone know:

    What can be used – to pull news by keywords — into individual posts
    that are automatically published to
    a designated url and then also
    create themselves into their own
    WP individual paged item…


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