Putting a Copyright Notice is something most websites do. We developed the Fantastic Copyright Free which is a WordPress Copyright Plugin for putting a Copyright Notice in the Footer of your WordPress site incase your theme doesn’t put a Copyright Notice. We released it as a free plugin on WordPress.org and currently it has a little over 1000 Downloads.

You can download it from WordPress.org

Fantastic Copyright Free on WordPress.org

or from FantasticPlugins.com

Fantastic Copyright Free on FantasticPlugins.com

Following are some of the features of this Copyright Plugin

1. Super Customizable. Almost every field is customizable.

2. Current Year is automatically displayed. You don’t have to worry about changing the Year every time a New Year comes.

3. Owner Anchor Text and Owner Link can be set from Settings Page.

4. Additionally 1 Link can be inserted.

5. SEO factor taken into account. Each link can be set to NoFollow or vice versa.

6. If you want unlimited number of additional links to be inserted for say Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions etc, then consider buying our Fantastic Copyright which is a Premium Copyright Plugin.



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