Millions of domain names expire every year. Often, the owner of the domain has somehow missed the renewal notice, and they didn’t know the domain name was expired until it was too late. Companies that profit off dropped domain names are quick to take over ownership of them. These companies use special software to grab an expiring domain name as soon as it is dropped. Following some simple rules will eliminate unintentional drops and unauthorized transfers.

1. Use Your Name or Your Company’s Name

The name listed as the Organizational Contact of a domain’s Whois record has all legal rights to and control over the domain. Because that control is exerted through the Administrative Contact, your name or your company’s name should be listed here as well. Too often, one or both of these entries contains the name of someone other than you. Free domain names are often prone to this problem. If the entries are incorrect, fix them immediately.

2. Use A Domain Related Email Address

Use an email address directly associated with your primary domain rather than using an out of domain address through an ISP or another third-party email hosting provider to be sure you get all of the related mail to your domain. Choose a primary domain in your portfolio and either register it for the maximum term of ten years or set it to renew automatically with your registrar. Then update all the email addresses throughout the rest of the portfolio with an address within this primary domain.

3. Get Rid of Whois Privacy, Privacy Masking, and Domain Masking

These privacy protectors don’t protect your privacy, and using them has added and unacceptable risks. Many internet scammers hide behind these services, and if you are using privacy masking, you may be losing sales. Disable all privacy masking services. Doing so will allow your customers to know who they are really buying from.

4. Use Only One Registrar

Consolidate all of your domains under one registrar to simplify administration. Choose a registrar that is responsive to your needs and professional.

5. Don’t Drop A Domain To Register Elsewhere

It is better to work on a way to recover your domain than to drop it. The redemption period is 70-80 days, and domainers are likely to snag the name before you ever get a chance to re-register it.

Some drop less used and low profit domain names to free up cash flow with the intent of re-registering them later. Occasionally, this works. However, once a domain name is dropped, it takes quite a gamble to be able to get an opportune time to re-register it.

6. Enable Domain Lock

All top-level domains like .com, .net, and .org are under a protocol known as EPP. Under EPP, these domains can be locked so that all transfer attempts will fail without proper authorization.

7. Enable Login Notifications

Login notifications tell you when someone is accessing your domains account and from what IP address. Have notices sent to a private email address, and monitor the login. Pay attention to logins that deviate from the norm.

8. Use Additional Security

Some registrars allow the domain owner to limit the logins to the account through various filters. Using this service can save your domains when your login credentials are compromised.

9. Watch For Phishing and Domain Slamming

Some registrars send out false renewal notices and, when you’ve given them the information they need, they transfer the management of your domain to a new registrar instead of renewing it. Phishing involves sending an email containing a link that requests you to login to your registrar account. Although the link looks real, hackers use it to steal your login credentials. Pay attention to your renewal notices. Never use a link in an email to login to your account. Instead, go to the website directly and login using SSL encryption.

Extra Measures
* Have your primary email address forward all mail to multiple email addresses.
* Put the domain registrar’s email address on your white list.
* Enable alternate methods of renewal notification if your registrar offers them.

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    Very good information , thanks for taking your time to share it here . I appreciate your work and research over domains , also your tips and tricks . These might come in handy when I decide to establish an online presence of my business .

  3. Mark says:

    Good tips.

    If you buy a domain from a drop auction like NameJe, one useful tip is to put an en try in your calendar 60 days after the sale is completed to remind you to transfer the domain to your main registrar.

    Otherwise you can end up with lots of different accounts which can be harder to control.

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