I have been waiting for the Second Google Page Rank update for the year 2010. My guess was it will happen in the first week of July 2010. Till now i don’t see a change in the PR of my sites. For instance Lazy Domaining is still PR3 which was last updated during the April 2010 Google PR update. Not that i am crazy about Google PR but just out of curiosity i have been checking the PR for my sites.

Though some blogs are reporting an update i am yet to experience it first hand. Anyone has seen a change in the Google PR for your sites?

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  1. Even i have also read about many people claiming in forums to got an update over PR. Still i haven’t found this as of yet but sure that i will loose PR for many of my websites as not kept much concentration on link building!!

  2. Jo says:

    It’s true that PR does not matter a lot but somehow, even I am quite eager to see how my sites do in the July (hopefully) update.

  3. DeejSpeaks says:

    PR does matter! I am waiting for it too. PR is all I am waiting for because I will be venturing in paid to post as long as I get a high PR from google.

  4. David says:

    For the past few days I have also been waiting on the Google July PR Update.

    I also don’t care much about PR but this update I expect a major increase.

  5. As of today the page rank is ungoing.

  6. I am also awaiting for PR updates. I guess that it should be updated in the first week but I don’t know why google take so much time to update PR.

  7. SEO NZ says:

    Yeah I’m looking forward to it as well.

    To everyone who says that PR doesn’t matter well in a way it does! It matters if you have lots of links using the right anchor text. The PR is a good indicator of the potential top rankings you could have had if you used the right link text. I don’t know why so many people forget this. They all have huge links with 5 or 6 keywords in them.

  8. Websidual says:

    So far no update to pagerank. My hunch is that it will be more at the end of July. As I do searches on the net, there is no real indication of when it will take place.

  9. Jey says:

    Neither have I seen modifications at PR for any of my websites. Even dough PR doesn’t count anymore in SERPS, some webmasters demand that you have a minimum PR to do link exchanges.

  10. I was read many blog about PR update. Mostly I found that Google is update the PR after 3 months. I think last update was made on 31st march 2010. I don’t know what is going on in Google.

  11. No pagerank update as of July 14th 2010 guys. Not sure why pagerank is so important, but it sure is something everyone is looking for 😛

  12. I am waiting as well. Anyone who says that PR means nothing is wrong. PR means popularity. It can come or go, but combine it with age (trust) and it is a deadly combination. Try selling links from a PR1 site and let me know how it works out for you. Take your PR0 site and try to get an even link exchange with a PR5 site. Good luck with that. Seriously, stop the posturing. PR matters.

  13. I’m still waiting for my PR as well. I was really hoping it would be updated the first week of July but nothing yet…not even today (July 13). I’m guessing it will be the first week of August now…?

  14. Roguey says:

    I really hope its not August – but i guess google can update it anytime. Does anyone else have like 8-10 times their external links? I had like 89-100’ish and its now like 31,000?

  15. I haven’t noticed any change in PR rank so far, but watching closely.

  16. nashtari.com says:

    15 of july and no pagerank update yet. hoping for a better rank for my website soon with this upcoming update. Not sure how is this gonna affect traffic to my website. i just wait and see.

  17. Rob says:

    Should be sometime very soon, the last PR Update took my site from pr5 to pr3, so I’m hoping it will be a bit nicer to me this time around!

  18. Clenbuterol says:

    I think it should be very soon, 3 months passed from the last pagerank so this month – July – it will happen. Hope I’ll get a good pagerank too

  19. Larry says:

    Curious what PR will I get from google for my new site

  20. Ben says:

    Next Google Pagerank update should be in 31/July

  21. Steve says:

    I have noticed some fluctuations in positions of my sites in Google last night – along with a huge spike in traffic. It looked as though most of those visitors were Google Bot.

    With that in mind and everything else i am hearing – I would have guess it has to be sometime in the next day or two. Its so hard to wait isn’t it?

    Hope everyone gets what they want – but in the meantime continue to just add quality content and build, build, build.

  22. I have about 30 pages on different languages, till now there was no change in PR, but as Steve, I notised a fluctuations in the positions of my pages, so my guess would be we should see PR changes within the next few days


  23. I have get PR 0 for my few of pages from last two days. Hope the next PR update will on 31st July 2010

  24. One of my blog Pr Reduces from 1 to 0, but no change on other sites, may be major changes still to be done, Waiting for Major Google Page Rank update…

  25. Still no pagerank update :(, hope this week it will occur.

  26. Bruce Wills says:


    I know PR is not important now but can any one let me know is this useful for betting top in search results or how it is important or if we can get the traffic if yes then how…?

  27. google update its pr this july 21, 2010, I got pr 3 before now pr 0, very sad…

  28. been waiting for a change but nothing as yet on the 22nd maybe the end of the month?

  29. Bijeeta says:

    I was expecting in the early week of this month july 2010 still checking and keep checking guys.

  30. Fitness Guy says:

    I haven’t seen a change yet, waiting…

    Should be coming soon I think. Any word on it SEO guys?

  31. Everyone who is here reading about when the next update may be, but also saying that it really doesn’t matter – I have an old adage some guys use.

    “Size doesn’t matter.”

    Bookmark this and you can check every morning.

  32. Pagerank update is done but minor changes, only inner pages are updated.

    Read the article from this http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/022596.html.

  33. Anwar Mehdi says:

    My client’s site is back to PR 4 from PR 1 – whew!!

  34. i have uploaded my web site 5 months back. still i didnt get any PR . tell me what shud i do to get it quickly. i did basic seo stuff and some advance stuff.

    my web site – http://www.srilankatravelandtourism.com

    thank you

  35. I guess next PR update will be on 1st week of august.

  36. Mike says:

    Well no change for any of my site so far. Today is 30th July lets see when google is planning to update in the toolbar, so that everyone can sit back and relax for a while. 🙂

  37. Recharddo says:

    Niceblog. This is an issue of updated and changed the public’s access to Google, but that change did not convince the customer. Although Google is very interested to know how their customers using these links, reviews, advice and increase the ratings of the intimacy of blogs on the web. This makes it more of an attraction for customers. Before this case I was mad and when I lose an amount of time to make changes in public relations to web pages of the blog. I build links and easy access links. But I took 15 days to connect. I hope you will be successful in changing the public relations of your website. Thanks alot.

  38. I’m sorry, but @Recharddo – What??? Seriously…

    Yea, they are overdue. I have some sites with some pretty strong link profiles that were build over the last three months still sitting at PR0. the only thing I have seen in PR change is some newer sites going from PR n/a to PR0. I wouldn’t really call that an update.

  39. i think major update will happen this week..hopefully..:)

  40. staysuperfit says:

    we all hope that google will update though..:)

  41. jason says:

    hope pr will update next week….

  42. Pula Croatia says:

    Definitely haven’t had an update. Looking forward to seeing how some improvements have helped things.

  43. Fatih says:

    Yes PR is not very important, but it is one of the 120 ranking factors. I have seen many sites with low PR that out ranks high PR sites. It’s only makes feel better seeing more green at the PR bar for your website. 🙂

  44. I think PR is very helpful but anyone needs traffic at websites. I am waiting new PR updation.


  45. I am waiting for Page rank update from last 4 months but still i havent seen any updation when is the new updation.

  46. Warren says:

    I am also waiting for major PR update, last PR update done on April 6th 2010, next PR update ?. Google update back links frequently but not PR.
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  47. casino says:

    How often does google update PR?

  48. Thomas D. says:

    I think the 3rd PR update takes place in the end of October 🙂 Let’s wait and see.

  49. I will suggest all of you that nothing importance of PR if your website is not ranking on important keywords.


  50. Google changing his algo, inner pages PR updating very frequently but main home page PR not updating.
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  51. Houston SEO says:

    I am grateful to Google as it has granted almost all my site a PR2 or even more.This is the first time when Google has granted its PR to almost every site.However their are few website whose PR have gone down and it was a pretty shock that Google gave us this time.

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