Use the following Godaddy coupon code and register or transfer a .com, .net, .org, .tv, .in, .info, .us domain name for $1.17(including icann fees).

Coupon Code: Soccer99

It expires on 2nd july 2010 or 10k domains whichever comes first. Hurry.

Just used it to register a .org domain and it works like a charm.

Hope it helps to save a few bucks.

Edit: Looks like this code has exceeded the limit. I guess it isn’t working anymore.


11 Comments on Godaddy Coupon Codes – $1.17 For Register Or Transfer

  1. DR says:

    Does not work

  2. iBroker.TV says:

    Yup, Bogus.

    Why dont you check before posting.

    • Kumaran says:

      @DR & iBroker.TV

      “It expires on 2nd july 2010 or 10k codes whichever comes first. Hurry.

      Just used it to register a .org domain and it works like a charm.”

      Read it again. I posted after using the code. Guess you are late.

  3. Jamie Fosch says:

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  4. Mark Fulton says:

    Apparently this started Jun 25th. Would have been nice to know then. I did a search on Google for “godaddy soccer99” and now see they probably did reach 10,000 domains registered. There is an incredible amount of customer promotion and sharing of this coupon in a short time.

  5. Jenny Frank says:

    I just bought one for .99 but only one. It wouldn’t give me another!

  6. massroids says:

    good post , thanks for the info

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