Google has made a PR update somewhere between 31st Dec. 2009 to 1st Jan. 2010. Previous PR update was on 31st Oct. 2009.

Lazy Domaining has gone from PR2 to PR3.

Not that i give a lot of importance to PR but just that it feels good to start the year 2010 with PR3.


5 Comments on Lazy Domaining is PR3 – Feel Good Factor To Start 2010

  1. Suneedh says:

    Congratulations ! My blog also went from PR1 to PR3 🙂

  2. earn says:

    I found that as my home page went up to pr3 my other pages have gained pr1 and 2

  3. Tyler says:

    I hope I’ll get a PR update soon… when will Google make the next update? Found several different dates…

  4. Jan Nobbe says:

    Keep up the excellent posts, if so ill keep coming back to read about this factor.

  5. doorbell says:

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