How to go to instead of say or etc etc. When you type in your browser(say firefox) you will be directed to your country(cctld) version of Google i.e if your ip is in UK or if your ip is in India etc. Here is an info which might be of use if you already are not aware of it.

If you want to go directly to instead of the individual country version of Google, then do one of the following

1. Type in the browser which will prevent the redirection to the country version of Google and will directly take you to

2. Type and lets say it takes you to Now there you will find a link back to with the following caption “Go To” at the bottom. You click this and you will go to

3. You can even search for in the Google search and go from there. When you go to from the search result i.e by clicking a link the redirection won’t happen.


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  1. DNyap says:

    Great tips. I was aware of 2, but not 1 and 3.

    This is a constant problem for me because I haven’t been living in an English speaking country for 4 years (and I only know English).

    – Paul

  2. Ms Domainer says:


    Strange. I’m currently in Macedonia, and when I type in, I’m taken to, not or

    Maybe it’s because I use Roman alphabet (not Cyrillic).



  3. Ya nice one.. I know only 1 of 3 i.e following caption “Go To”, Thanks for informing other ways also..

  4. Nice explanation. I was also don’t about this. This is not big thing but i think many people they don’t know how to go in

  5. clenbuterol says:

    Thanks for explain, I will try to do this now!

  6. Bodybuilders says:

    Thanks for informing other ways also..I will try …

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