For quite sometime i wanted to run an auction at Lazy Domaining just as a small experiment. The idea of running the auction in a post and asking bidders to bid through the comments section is something i didn’t feel comfortable with.

WP Auctions is a plugin which allows you to run auctions at your wordpress blogs. You can simply drag drop this WP Auctions widget in the sidebar and you are ready to run auctions. You can also embed this plugin in your post but i haven’t tried it yet.

I have added the WP Auctions plugin on the top of the middle side bar.

I am using the free version of this plugin and there is a gold version(which you will have to buy for a few bucks) where you will get more options to configure the plugin and more themes to alter the look & feel of it.


2 Comments on Plugin For Running Auctions At WordPress Blogs

  1. I would love to know more about this plug-in. Does this mean that with this plug-in we can try selling domain names on our blog? I have several domain names that I would love to try to sell. Please email me if you have the time with more info. thanks so much jj

  2. @jj

    Exactly. You can use this plugin on your wordpress blog and run auctions for anything including domain names. You can notice on the top of the middle side bar there is already an auction running for a Geo domain.

    You can find more info at

    Let me know if you need any help.

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