I am one of the Lazy Domainer and I guess there are more out there. Now you know why i chose Lazy Domaining as the domain name. Following are few things which i do regularly as a lazy domainer. Some work some don’t.

1. Proxy Bidding
Whenever some name catches my attention and when i feel i can get it within my budget i make use of the proxy bidding. I would say 80% of the times i would loose the auction by a marginally higher bid. I can’t say for sure i would have won if i had been online around the auction ending time but just that i could have tried. Most of these auctions end at my local midnight and i would be lazy to stay awake. From my experience proxy bidding never did any wonders for me.

2. Available Domain Name List
I have subscribed to a few available domain name lists by email. Mostly i would see the mail only few minutes after i have received it. I would use a bulk appraisal tool and figure out the high valued domains. As expected the top domains would have gone. This is more due to sheer luck than me being lazy. Using a bulk appraisal tool when you have a huge list of domains is a quick and rough method to spot the top domains. Once i have caught a handful of domains using this method and i was able to make a 400% ROI within a month.

I will write more on this some time later…


3 Comments on Lazy Domainer Tips – Some Work Some Don’t

  1. Nameclerk says:

    The problem with RSS email subscriptions is they are sent out at predetermined times of the day. In the case of my blog, where I post available domain lists, the email subscribers can receive those messages many hours after the blog post.

    I could help fix that situation by always posting a few minutes before the scheduled mailings but life often gets in the way of that.

  2. @Nameclerk

    Thanks. Yep i understand its often difficult to manage the posting time.

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