Here are some of the latest working Godaddy Coupon Codes that might help you to save some bucks, followed by the special prices offered at Moniker to register, renew or transfer domain names.

gdr1131c – 15% OFF on $70 or more – Expires November 30, 2009

goaz2001ai – $7.17 for .com – Register, Renewal & Transfer

cjctld749 – $7.49 for .net, .org & .biz

cjcdeal115 – $5 OFF on $30 or more

cjcdeal116 – $10 OFF on $50 or more

gdr1113h – 30% OFF on .net, .biz – Register & Renewal

Moniker is running special discounted prices as “End of The Year Specials”. No coupon codes and the discounted prices are applicable to everyone.

$7.49 – .com domains – Register & Transfer
$5.99 – .net domains – Register & Transfer
$7.75 – .com domains – Renewal
$6.05 – .net domains – Renewal

Check it out in the Moniker Homepage.

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