Here is my story for the day and it isn’t really pleasant. I am having a tough time to make a paypal payment because paypal won’t accept the credit card. It hurts when we get stuck with making a paypal payment.

Paypal says the credit card company denied the payment(thats the error i get) but i doubt so for the following reasons. The same credit card is able to fund my MoneyBookers account. The same credit card is able to fund my Moniker account. I just tried the above two as soon as Paypal payment didn’t go through.

The reason can be that the credit card company’s paypal gateway is experiencing some problem at the moment. It may work later. It might not even be fair to get pissed with Paypal.

But then you don’t have many choices. In this case the Seller also accepts MoneyBookers payment so i might get away this time. End of the day i am always wary about Paypal and am never 100% sure until the paypal payment is successful.

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  1. Debbie says:

    PP rejects cards for dumb reasons sometimes: having the abbreviation St. instead of street, APT #1 instead of #1
    at least this was my experience when I used to process payments manually with Virtual Terminal.
    maybe the seller can give you the exact code and look it up here:

  2. @Debbie

    You are right. Thanks for the additional info.

    What really bothers me is that the same credit card use to work till a week back with Paypal and it is working with other shopping carts such as Moniker & MoneyBookers. This is why i can never be sure till the payment is sent/received with respect to Paypal.

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