Whenever you use Sedo.com to sell your domains there is a fees you will have to pay. The Sedo fees for domains(.com, .net, .org etc) parked with them are $50 or 10% of the Sale Price whichever is higher meaning the minimum Sedo fees is $50.

Recently Sedo announced there won’t be any minimum fees if you list your domains for a fixed price.

I usually use Sedo for its escrow service. Lets say i agree with the buyer to sell my domain for $350. If i don’t put a fixed price of $350 at Sedo for this domain and ask the buyer to make an offer of $350 which i can accept and proceed with the deal, then Sedo will charge a minimum of $50 as fees. If i can put a fixed price of $350 which the buyer accepts to buy at $350 price then Sedo will charge only 10% of $350 i.e $35 as fees.

A little info which will save a bit when the price of the domain is less than $500. Nothing great but it feels good when you can take advantage of such tips.


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