Looks like Google has updated the Page Rank or in other words the Google PR. I was waiting for this latest update for over a month.

Lazy Domaining has jumped from PR1 to PR2 which is very much encouraging.

Here are some of the other Domain Name blogs & websites(in no particular order) whose PR you might be interested in.

DotWeekly.com – PR4
Domaining.com – PR6
ElliotsBlog – PR4
Domainvestors.tv – PR3
YGrab.com – PR3
Namepros.com – PR5
NameBee.com – PR4
RicksBlog.com – PR3
WannaDevelop.com – PR4
TheDomains.com – PR4

Some of my minisites which i recently purchased are showing PR3-PR2. I would like to state that a PR drop won’t discourage me as i don’t entirely base my valuation of a blog or website on PR. It is just another factor to consider.

I used PR Checker to find this info.


6 Comments on Google Has Made A Page Rank Update

  1. Johnny says:

    Didn’t G say they would be abandoning page rank here soon?

  2. Oscar says:

    Congrats! My domain related blog (in spanish) went from pr1 to pr2 too. Keep the lazy work! 🙂

  3. My blog’s PR went up from 0 to 2

  4. @Johnny
    Not sure if i heard that. Infact i was expecting this latest update a month back.

  5. nSathees says:

    The PR is irrelevant in listing your page in search result page. PR1 site can rank higher than PR6 Site.

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