Sales is nothing but presenting the domains to the right audience. Easier said than done.

The most important part is the “Right Audience”. How do you go about finding the right audience. That is a bit tricky depending on the kind of audience you are targeting i.e End users or Resellers.

This post is about going after mainly Resellers. From Reseller selling point of view it is better to show your domains to a big group of resellers at a time than going after one at a time unlike End users.

Other than the Domain Market places such as Sedo, Snapnames, Godaddy Auctions etc, one of the most important place to advertise your domains is Domain Name Blogs such as You can easily advertise your domains using Paid Post(which i feel is most effective), Link to your Domain Sale Page, Banners etc.

The point is the Domain Name Blogs reach a wide range of Domainers and it is definitely worth a try if you are targeting mainly the Reseller market not to say End Users won’t reach you through blogs such as


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