Coupon Chief is your one stop place to find any kind of coupon codes for online shopping. Thats how i would sum it up.

Coupon Codes are an integral part of any online purchase these days. Many if not all online stores promote using one or other kind of coupon codes to attract the customers. Coupon Chief’s video tutorial gives us a good view of how it all works.

Recently i have been a regular visitor of Coupon Chief. My favorite stores of Coupon Chief are Godaddy Coupons and Ebay Coupons among the many stores you can find on Coupon Chief.

Some of the interesting features of Coupon Chief are as follows.

1. Social Phenomenon
Any Coupon Code can be submitted, voted, commented etc. This kind of social information helps us to know which coupon code works, what was the last working date, success percentage etc. This is real valuable information. Good to see more and more sites embracing the social phenomenon.

2. Pays-2-Share
Coupon Chief pays registered users who share the coupon codes. Every time someone uses the coupon code which you shared, Coupon Chief pays 2% of the sales. The icing is they pay using Paypal as well.

Coupn Chief Pays2Share

3. Email Alerts
You can set email alerts for coupon codes of your favorite retails at Coupon Chief.

Next time you are about to make an online purchase like Godaddy purchase, Web Hosting, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift, Ebay shopping, Hotel Reservation or just any other Shopping, make sure you check out here to see if you can get some coupon codes.

Saving whenever and whatever possible is definitely going to help. Remember little drops make an ocean.

Think Coupon Codes, Think Coupon Chief.


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