Some of the latest working Godaddy Coupon Codes are as follows.

goaz2001ai – $7.17 for .com – New Registration, Renewal, Transfer

tvspecial – $7.47 for .com – Renewal

EMFB7 – $7.49 .net, .org, .biz – New Registration

BTPS255 – 25% OFF on $100 or more

cjcdeal103 – 20% OFF on Shared Web Hosting



5 Comments on Godaddy Coupon Codes

  1. Dan says:

    Hi LD,

    I wanted to buy some dot coms using your offer, and have been in contact with someone at GoDaddy.

    I explained to them I wanted to buy some dot coms. First, I just add some random dot coms in my cart, added your code and took a screenshot to prove to them that coms are $6.99 each ex Icann fee. Apparently, they are not aware of their own offers!!

    The person at GoDaddy, who was not just someone who answers the phone, but actually someone with higher authority, removed all dot coms priced at $6.99 out of my account, and then put them back in & priced them up at $8.49!!

    This is after I have spent almost $1000 with GoDaddy in just the past few weeks, they just behave like a bitch and treat you like shit!

    This is GoDaddy’s response…

    “As for the new list of domain names that were in the latest email as well as your shopping cart, there will not be a $6.99 rate. The rate is $8.49 per domain (bulk rate for 22 domains). With the free privacy the total for that order would be $190.77usd. The $6.99 that you are referencing isn’t a price received when you go through GoDaddy. I have been advised that that is an old promotion through another vendor.”

    They just made up some lame excuses to deny me of the best $6.99 rate!! I always shop directly through, and, never go though any third party, white label or other ‘vendor’ sites.

    This proves that one has to wade through a load of BS, before getting anywhere near the discounts advertised. And then, all the time it has taken to get the discount is actually worth more than the discount itself! lol

  2. Dan's Nemesis says:

    Dan, clearly you have never bought any “dot coms” as you so charmingly describe them. The final price on a domain that costs $6.99 is $7.17 after required icann fee as the Kumaran wrote.

  3. Dan says:

    “dot coms” as you so charmingly describe them.”

    This is needed in case any numptys fail to understand.

    “clearly you have never bought any “dot coms” as you so charmingly describe them.”

    That’s your opinion, which is incorrect, but that’s beside the point of the post. We’ll agree to disagree on that one. 😀

    “The final price on a domain that costs $6.99 is $7.17 after required icann fee”

    Thanks for stating the obvious. What is clear is that you have failed to understand my original post. Alright, just for you; Replace where it states “$6.99” with “$7.17 in my original post.

    Then, read it carefully.

    Read GoDaddy’s response carefully, and, the fact that are refusing to let me have this offer, and even went as far as repricing the dot coms in my basket to $8.49.

    Then, hopefully you’ll understand 🙂

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