I have the following 7 Domains and their Sites relating to the Freight Industry for Sale. It has been monetized using Adsense. Together they made over $32 in the month of September 2009.

Revenue proof for September 2009

I bought these sites without any revenue proof for a cheap price one month back. So i don’t have any other proof. No advertising or any other Ad programs were run by me.

Domain – Registrar – Expires

FreightBrokerJob dot com – DomainSite – 10-Feb-2010
SalesIndustry dot net – DomainSite – 23-Aug-2010
AFreightBroker dot com –  Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010
BrokerFreight dot net –  Godaddy  – 22-Jun-2010
BrokerFromHome dot net – Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010
StartAFreightBrokerage dot com – Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010
TransportationJob dot net –  Godaddy – 22-Jun-2010

Considering Bulk offers for the Domains and their Sites.

Please contact me for Adsense revenue proof screenshot and your offers.

Taking offers in the $XXX range

Payment by Paypal Masspay or Sedo Escrow.


6 Comments on 7 Adsense Monetized Sites – Earned $32 In September 2009

  1. Can you post revenue over the past 12 months and if you used any PPC advertising?

  2. Kumaran says:


    All details updated.

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