In the online world what you say is what you are. Here you don’t get to see all your peers, talk with them etc. What you really make out of them is with what they say.

What prompted me to write this post is my Hotel Domains sale. There were multiple interests and most of the potential buyers were not very familiar with the my expected mode of payment i.e Paypal Masspay. If you are not familiar with Paypal Masspay i suggest you to check out Jamie’s post at

Once the potential buyers were not meeting my criteria of Paypal Masspay payment which was choosen for security reasons, how do i go about next. The obvious method to choose from security point of view is which buyer is a genuine one or in other words is any buyer i choose to deal with is a possible scammer. I choosed one buyer and the deal was closed in a smooth and swift manner.

Later i found out that other interested buyers were also genuine ones because they were either members at domain name forums or owned websites which were running for long time. I felt sorry for the other interested buyers. Any interested buyer who could have said more about themselves and explained they were genuine would have secured the deal.

Whenever you are a member at a domain name forum say that you are, if you own a blog or website say that you own them or anything which would prove you are a genuine domainer. All these things help to the person whom you are dealing with to make decisions.

After all, in the online world what you say is what you are.


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