I have this little site on Photoshop Work. This site is around 3-4 months old. For “Photoshop Work” it ranks 13th on Google. So far so good.

Photoshop Work

    If you look in the above picture you can notice the description in Google for Photoshop Work is not the one i have set. It is some junk.

    Is this a hack? I haven’t experienced this kind of hack earlier.

    Please feel free to share you thoughts in the comments section or contact me through the contact form.


4 Comments on One Of My Site Is Hacked?

  1. Jamie says:

    It sure looks like the meta was hacked by what G is showing… Viewing the page source the All in one plugin looks correct to me. You might want to look at the Header.php file to make sure nothing is added in for the meta. I have not seen this before but would be interested to hear what you find.

  2. Kumaran says:


    Thanks for the info. Header.php looks ok to my naked eye. Will update once i figure it out.

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