Here is one browsing tip which i call Smart Browsing. There are a lot of browsing tips which will save a lot of keystrokes for your fingers. This is one i have put to use and i am happy doing it.

I use Firefox browser and it works like a charm. I am sure other browsers will have similar support which you will have to figure out.

The way an average web savvy user goes to a website is as follows. For eg: To go to Google they type and enter. Did you know, i can also type google and then ctrl+enter. Even if we know how many of use it. This means i can save 3 keystrokes by avoiding the tld i.e com.

Some of the similar shortcuts to go to .com, .net & .org are as follows.

google and ctrl+enter = and enter
google and shift+enter = and enter
google and ctrl+shift+enter = and enter

I have been using these shortcuts for quite some time. Today i decided to check what it really saves me. For 2 hours during which i checked i have been keying in around 44 urls i.e 22 per hour. If i have been browsing on average of 8 hours per day that would mean 176 urls per day saving me 176 * 3 = 528 keystrokes a day.

The other easy alternative is to bookmark the sites. Being a super fast keyboard user(or atleast i think so) i feel more confident and happy typing the urls than going by the bookmark route. I just checked my typing speed and it is 65 wpm with 0 mistakes. If you want to check your typing speed, you can check it here.


14 Comments on Browsing Tip That Saved 500+ Keystrokes A Day

  1. Nice tip. Been using it this morning to check out a number of keyword domains–> [keyword] ctrl+enter

  2. Johnny says:

    How does that save your three keystrokes per domain… seems it saves only two. Contol enter it two strokes, .com is four strokes.

  3. Kumaran says:

    @Domain Tweeter

    Glad it was of help.


    In order to access the url anyway you will hit the enter.
    .com and enter = 5 keystrokes
    ctrl+enter = 2 keystrokes.
    I guess it does save 3 keystrokes.

  4. Johnny says:

    Okay….got you. I see now. 🙂

  5. Kumaran says:


    Thank God, my math was right. lol.

  6. doh says:

    try chrome or google toolbar

  7. Patrick McDermott says:

    Thanks for the link to the learn typing site.

    I’m going to make good useof it.

  8. Tia Wood says:

    Finding this on a “lazy domaining” website is highly appropriate. 🙂

  9. Kumaran says:


    Your Welcome…


    The domain name was selected keeping myself and fellow domainers in mind. lol. 🙂

  10. Dluzional says:

    You can even eliminate ALL your keystrokes if you use the Bookmarks Toolbar. (setup may require keystrokes but none after that)

    When you’re at the page you want to be, left click the favicon for the website (that’s the little icon or sheet of paper looking icon to the left of the http:)
    left click and hold then drag that icon to the bookmarks toolbar, and drop it. It will create a button for the site.

    That’s it, whenever you want to go to google, just click the button, 1 click, no keystrokes.

    works with any site, and to get even more buttons just rename the button to something short.

    Activate the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox by right clicking the empty space beside help and checkmarking it.

    If you choose “customize” you can create your own toolbar with all the sites that you frequently go to, further eliminating keystrokes.

    Alternately you can put a “folder” on your bookmarks toobar, with all the sites contained within that folder, when you click on the folder a drop down box with all the sites pertaining to that folder pops up, click the one you want and boom you’re there.

  11. Kumaran says:


    Appreciate your elaborate comment. I have answered this in the post’s last part. Please do note that the tip is handy when you want to check the availability of domain names in the browser. Bookmarking isn’t a viable solution in such a scenario.

  12. Ozie Jackson says:

    Hmm, Maybe I should learn to type.

  13. Michael says:

    I would love to be able to type at 65 words per minute! With my two finger technique, I am probably at less than 10!

    Thanks for the tips!


  14. Rolleiflex says:

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