Link Building is an important piece of the SEO puzzle and Link Consistency is very important during Link Building. Its no brainer Google and most other search engines love webpages which have more back links than ones with less or no back links.

One important thing one should keep in mind while Link Building is Link Consistency. By Link Consistency, i mean you should build links for the same url. Don’t mix your back links with the main domain and sub domains.

For eg: http://localhost/migration is the main domain of this blog. http://localhost/migration is the sub domain. Many people miss this point of Link Consistency.

If i get say 100 back links for http://localhost/migration and another 100 back links for http://localhost/migration, the search engines are going to view it as two urls having 100 back links each. I would rather benefit by having all 200 back links for the main domain i.e http://localhost/migration.

Keep in mind having Link Consistency is an important factor in SEO.

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12 Comments on Importance Of Link Consistency During Link Building

  1. Mark Fulton says:

    Good point, you should definitely visit Google Webmaster tools, verify your site and tell them exactly which way you want your domain to be used.

    Don’t go overboard with link building, if you let backlinks come naturally over time you are safe from being penalized and this may lend more credibility to your site.

  2. Mike S. says:

    Actually, if you do a .htaccess redirect from the www to the non-www, search engines will see the two as the same link and you can build backlinks to either one. This is especially important to do for natural backlinks, because you can’t control if someone else puts the www instead of the non-www. Doing this 301 redirect is SEO-101 and everyone should be doing it.

  3. Kumaran says:

    You are right. I do believe in the natural backlinks. I was thinking about the backlinks you get from your own sites, forum signatures etc of which you have full control.

    Very good point. .htaccess also comes handy when you want to restructure your website without losing the SERPs of the webpages.

  4. Amanda says:

    Sometimes it is smart to link to you subdomains of the root domain. It totally depends on site structure. Say a have a geo specific domain Makes more sense to point links from geo specific New York sites to the most relevant spot on my site with “New York Rentals” in the anchor text.

  5. Kumaran says:


    You got a valid point regarding the power of subdomains.

  6. WOW. is is different from Why these two are different?

  7. You must choose your blog site with www or without www before. Or you can choose preferred url in Google Webmaster Tools

  8. Pinnacle says:

    Would all links count towards your site if you do a 301 redirect from one the main domain to the sub domain?

  9. i know what you want to tell us, that is 301 redirect work.or your pr will separate to two domain,doing 301 redirect work is important and necessary for your website.

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