Changing Google Adsense Publisher Id alone won’t work anymore. This used to be the way till sometime back. But now Google has changed the way it works and lets see why changing the publisher id alone won’t display the Google Adsense ads.

You have bought a website or a template which is monetized using Google Adsense Ads. The first step for you is to change the Google Adsense Publisher Id and upload the site making sure the earnings go to your Google Adsense Account. But changing adsense publisher id alone won’t work and your ads won’t get displayed. This is because in addition to the Google Adsense Publisher Id, Google also requires something called google_ad_slot.

Before going further lets take a look at the Google’s new adsense code.

Google Adsense New Code

You will notice Google has introduced the google_ad_slot which says what colors, fonts, ads type will be chosen while displaying the Google Adsense Ads. In the Google’s old adsense code these attributes will be there in the code itself as shown below.

Google Adsense Old Code

So now you can see the way Google Adsense Ads are working. In addition to changing the Google Adsense Publisher Id you will also need to know the google_ad_slot which is a unique number which will be generated by Google when you create the ads inside your Google Adsense account.

The advantage of google_ad_slot is that you don’t have to go and change the adsense codes in each of your website pages for chaning the color, type etc of the ads. You can simply change these things in your Adsense account and the changes will be reflected in all the website pages which are using these adsense codes.

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