Sedo Parking is something i prefer mostly for my non-english traffic. Normally Sedo pays the parking revenue anywhere between 7th – 9th of the month or atleast this has been my experience.

Recently i had an offer at Sedo for one of my domains and i accepted it. The domain transfer required me to send some signed documents to Sedo to initiate the transfer as it was an european domain. This coincided with the parking payment date.

I did inform Sedo that i can do a quick free push so that the Buyer can then update the whois details at his convenience for which these signed documents(Buyer can do it himself as he has the domain in his account in this case) are required and it will save time and effort for everyone. Actually i did the free push for a similar european domain earlier for my previous sale at Sedo. I did quote all these things and said it will take a few days for me to send the transfer documents if they insist me to do it that way. Sedo Transfer Agent in this case wanted to go through the signed document method.

No matter how small or big a deal is, i always make sure i do everything possible to close the deal at the earliest from my side.
But for this deal as informed to Sedo earlier, I couldn’t find time to send the transfer documents and it was dragging a bit i guess for around 3 days. To my surprise i didn’t get my Sedo Parking payment till 10th. I had a hunch that my Sedo Parking revenue has been on hold may be because they want me to send the signed transfer documents for the domain sale. I waited till 11th and i was more or less sure that this is the reason.

On 11th late in the evening i got some time and i sent the transfer documents they wanted. In an hour or so i got an email confirming Sedo has received my transfer documents and in another two minutes i got another email saying they are about to send my Sedo Parking payment. It could have been a rare coincidence or the obvious. I can’t say for sure.

But the best thing one can do is to complete any sale pending with Sedo at the earliest possible date.

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4 Comments on Sedo Parking And Sedo Sale

  1. For 99% this was coincidence. Payment for domain that you have bought has nothing to do with your parking revenue 🙂 This are two things and Sedo will not hold your payment, because you have some pending domain purchase.

  2. dul rochman says:

    I’m selling via sedo too, but until this time, my domain still not sold… perhaps my price too high… lol

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